Is The Crew Motorfest Crossplay?

The Crew Motorfest crossplay

The Crew Motorfest crossplay

The Crew Motorfest is giving Forza Horizon some serious competition. Ubisoft's new open-world racer is out now on consoles and PC, and that leads to an important question: is The Crew Motorfest crossplay?

With demand for crossplay increasing with each new game release, it’s important for mass-multiplayer titles to take advantage of crossplay. So, is The Crew Motorfest cross-platform?

The Crew Motorfest platforms

The Crew Motorfest is Ubisoft’s answer to Forza Horizon. As an open-world racing title set around a racing festival, The Crew Motorfest was always going to draw comparisons to Playground Games’ Horizon series. A former Forza Horizon developer even took shots at The Crew Motorfest during Gamescom last week.

However, there’s one feature The Crew Motorfest offers that trumps Forza Horizon: it's multiplatform.

The Crew Motorfest Red Bull
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The Crew Motorfest is out on PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Ubisoft Store, Ubisoft Connect, and Epic Games (not Steam). In addition to current-gen platforms, The Crew Motorfest is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and looks surprisingly good on the older hardware.

While The Crew Motorfest is currently not on Game Pass, it's available on day one for Ubisoft Plus subscribers. Ubisoft is even offering a free five-hour trial between 14 and 17 September to celebrate the launch. This opens the game up to a much wider audience than Forza Horizon.

But with a bigger audience, The Crew Motorfest needs to have crossplay to allow players to compete across all platforms.

So, is The Crew Motorfest crossplay?

Is The Crew Motorfest crossplay?

With most recent Ubisoft titles offering cross-platform support, it's not surprising that The Crew Motorfest supports crossplay at launch. This means players on PC can compete against players on console, and vice versa.

Is The Crew Motorfest crossplay?
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There is a caveat, however: The Crew Motorfest only supports crossplay multiplayer in the Grand Race and Demolition Royale PVP modes. If crossplay is enabled, the lobbies will be populated with players on all platforms. However, The Crew Motorfest's crossplay doesn't support friend invites at the time of writing.

Friends on other platforms will show on the player's Ubisoft Connect friends list, but there is no way of inviting friends into PVP multiplayer sessions at the time of writing. This makes it frustratingly difficult to play with friends in PVP matches unless you happen to join the same lobby.

Unfortunately, crossplay doesn't support co-op matches either. The Crew Motorfest lets you team up and form 'crews' of up to four players to explore O'hau and enter custom events, but ever player needs to be on the same platform.

How to disable crossplay

Crossplay can be enabled or disabled in the options. To disable crossplay, select 'Options' in the main menu. Then choose 'Game Settings' and go to 'Matchmaking.' From here, you can toggle crossplay on or off. Crossplay can't be disabled on PC, however.

With crossplay turned off, matchmaking will only use your current platform. Disabling crossplay may also increase wait times in lobbies.

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Is The Crew Motorfest cross-gen?

Unlike other open-world racing games like Need for Speed Unbound, The Crew Motorfest is out on the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Despite the age of these platforms, The Crew Motorfest looks surprisingly good on PS4 and Xbox One. This makes Ubisoft's open-world racer accessible to a wider audience.

Ubisoft has confirmed The Crew Motorfest supports crossplay on all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This means The Crew Motorfest can be played cross-platform across different generations, so PS5 players can compete with PS4 players. Likewise, Xbox Series X|S players can also compete with Xbox One players.

Does The Crew Motorfest support cross-progression?

Another important question is if The Crew Motorfest supports crossplay, is it does it support cross-progression? Cross-progression is where you can play on one platform, for example, PC, before switching to another platform to continue with the same progression.

Is The Crew Motorfest crossplay?
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The answer to this is more good news. The Crew Motorfest does indeed support cross-progression. All players need to do is purchase the game on their platforms of choice, and then sign into their Ubisoft account to access their progression.

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As for whether The Crew Motorfest is cross-gen, we haven’t had confirmation yet but it’s unlikely the game will support players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being able to play with current-gen players.

With the technological advances in the last couple of years, it would be impossible to allow cross-gen without compromising the performance of last-gen versions. This would also limit PC players to crossplay with current-gen consoles only.

Microsoft is offering a cross-gen bundle for The Crew Motorfest, however, this is common for most Xbox titles and doesn’t suggest the game will be cross-gen.

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The Crew Motorfest guides
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