Will The Crew Motorfest Have Early Access?

The Crew Motorfest early access

The Crew Motorfest early access

We’re now in September, which means The Crew Motorfest is just around the corner. With the hype building, players are now asking if The Crew Motorfest will have early access. So will players be able to race around Hawaii in The Crew Motorfest early?

Will The Crew Motorfest have early access?

The Crew Motorfest launches on 14 September for players who buy the Standard Edition. However, players who have pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate Editions can get three days of early access. This puts players onto the beautiful island of O’ahu from 11 September.

The Crew Motorfest early access
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Besides this early access period, there are no other options for players to get their hands on the game early. The Crew Motorfest had an open beta back in July, where players could get hands-on with a preview build of the game. Feedback from the beta period has been used to iron out any issues before the full launch.

Any players signed up for The Crew Motorfest's Insider Program were given access to the beta, as well as the earlier alpha stage. However, those who did play either the alpha or beta won’t be able to carry over any saves, so they'll join the Motorfest from scratch.

So we know when players will be able to play The Crew Motorfest, but will players be able to preload the game?

Can you preload The Crew Motorfest?

Considering how large the world of The Crew Motorfest is, we’re expecting the download to be pretty hefty. Therefore, many players will want to preload the game to ensure it’s ready for launch.

The Crew Motorfest preload
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Ubisoft has confirmed The Crew Motorfest preload times - you can find out the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC preload times here.

Interview with Ivory Tower

In an exclusive interview with RacingGames, Ubisoft Ivory Tower Senior Creative Director Stephane Beley and Associate Creative Director Julien Hummer spoke about how The Crew Motorfest will be more than just a Forza Horizon clone.

The Crew Motorfest interview
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The Crew Motorfest celebrates all of car culture with 15 playlists on launch. Each playlist is dedicated to an aspect of motor racing, from Porsche 911s to Japanese drifters.

There’s also the Hawaii Scenic Tour playlist, showcasing the incredible island of O’ahu where the Motorfest is set.

Check out our full interview on The Crew Motorfest here.

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