The Crew Motorfest Xbox: New open-world racer set to challenge Forza Horizon

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Forza Horizon is getting a new challenger on Xbox this year with The Crew Motorfest. From the release date to pre-order details and Xbox One compatibility, here’s everything we know so far about The Crew Motorfest on Xbox.

The Crew Motorfest Xbox

While the last game took place in a massive recreation of the US, the latest entry in The Crew franchise is set in a scaled-down version of the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu.

This effectively makes it a spiritual successor to the original Test Drive Unlimited, with the team at Ivory Tower also made up of former TDU developers.

The Crew Motorfest Xbox
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The short teaser trailer introduces us to the new setting, showcasing a sprawling festival celebrating car culture giving us Forza Horizon vibes. As well as hundreds of cars, boats and planes are returning from The Crew 2, which should help set Motorfest apart.

Utilising the power of Xbox Series X, we expect The Crew Motorfest to achieve 4K and 30fps if you want the best graphics.

If you prefer faster frame rates, there will probably be a performance mode that lowers the resolution to 1080p and increases the frame rate to 1080p.

The Crew Motorfest Xbox
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The Crew 2 is also playable at 60fps with a dynamic resolution up to 1440p on Xbox Series S. We expect The Crew Motorfest will offer similar graphics and performance options on Xbox Series X|S.

Will The Crew Motorfest be on Xbox One?

If you haven’t upgraded to Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles yet, don’t worry - you won’t miss out.

The trailer revealed that Ubisoft is also bringing The Crew Motorfest to Xbox One. This is unexpected considering the original Xbox One launched way back in 2013.

Other racing game developers are also abandoning last-gen consoles to focus on the latest hardware, with Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed Unbound, and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown skipping Xbox One.

Given the age of the hardware, Xbox One version will likely be downgraded to run at a maximum 1080p resolution and 30fps with a dynamic resolution to optimise the performance.

It’s possible that a support studio like Ubisoft Reflections is handling the Xbox One version so Ivory Tower can put all its resources into the Xbox Series X|S game.

Will The Crew Motorfest be on Game Pass?

The convenience and affordability of Microsoft’s GamePass subscription service have proven popular among Xbox gamers. However, we don’t expect The Crew Motorfest to be on Game Pass.

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The Crew Motorfest Xbox
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There’s a good reason for this: Ubisoft already offers its own subscription service. Offering The Crew Motorfest on a competing service wouldn't make sense.

Though not confirmed yet, The Crew Motorfest will almost certainly come to the Ubisoft+ game subscription service.


Even though The Crew Motorfest is listed on the Xbox store, pre-orders are not live yet. We expect the standard edition to retail for around £49.99-£59.99 on Xbox Series X|S.

The Crew Motorfest Xbox
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There may also be a more expensive Deluxe Edition with early access and bonus pre-order content. If so, the Deluxe Edition will likely cost around £59.99-£69.99.

Release date

The Crew Motorfest doesn’t have a release date yet. All we know is that the title is slated for a 2023 release.

But with the Insider Program being spread over several months allowing players to test the game early, we expect The Crew Motorfest to arrive later this year.

As well as Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, The Crew Motorfest will launch on PS5, PS4, PC, and Amazon Luna.

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