Cyberpunk 2077: Modder brings Forza driving to Night City cars

Cyberpunk 2077 has been a fairly divisive game since it finally launched at the end of 2020.

As a result, a healthy modding community has grown up around the game for PC players to dip into and enjoy.

The latest sees a big uplift in the driving physics for the game, likening it to the awesome Forza Motorsport series.

Drifting through Night City

The base driving physics in Cyberpunk have left a lot to be desired, and rendered their futuristic cars rather dull to drive.

Thankfully though, the modders are here to bring them to life.

cyberpunk car
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NO FUN: The cars in Cyberpunk are lacking some wow factor

Created by Hunter04119, this "realistic driving experience" mod makes some big claims.

Available on Nexus Mods, it claims to create better cornering, suspension, and braking behaviour, as well as the ability to drift cars.

As seen below, it does the job!

Mod at your own risk

It goes without saying that modding games is not a flawless and easy proceedure.

There is a guide attached to the Nexus Mods post, but you install and tinker at your own risk!

There's no doubt better driving would help bring Night City and Cyberpunk to life though.

Cyberpunk multiplayer

We are very hopeful that racing will come into Cyberpunk in the near future.

Much like GTA Online, a Cyberpunk multiplayer world has plenty of amazing potential for creating wild racing that you can't get on any other game.

cyberpunk 2077 car 2
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DUST IT OFF: And let's go for a spin!

With the city itself and the wide-open desert to create chaos in, racing in Cyberpunk could transform the game, but only if the driving is any good!

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