DIRT 5 free for PS Plus members TODAY!

For many of us, January 4 is the first day back in the virtual office since Christmas. Normally that would be no cause for celebration but this year it's a little different.

A new raft of free games is coming to the PS Plus service, including a certain favourite of ours... DIRT 5!

DIRT 5 free today

The Codemasters' off-road racer is more than a year old, but if it passed you by now is a great time to dive into it.

With a large variety of cars and a global list of locations that take in stunning scenery and every weather condition it is a racing game that truly offers a worldwide experience.

DIRT 5 Snow Limits
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AROUND THE WORLD: From the frozen mountains of Norway to jungles of South America, DIRT 5 is a global experience

With over 70 routes, several race types, and a garage of cars from monster boulderers to Rally GT and classic rally cars it's a must-try for PS Plus members.

Family-friendly off-roader

A lot of off-road racers can be daunting. They often require precision and dedication rather than pick-up-and-play fun. But that's not DIRT 5.

Coming as part of Codemasters' more arcade-focused strand of their DIRT series, DIRT 5 is an easy game to drive but is tricky to master. That means it's just right for all the family, offering gameplay that is accessible but challenging.

DIRT 5 MileHighClub 2
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SHOW OFF: Car control is the name of the game in Gymkhana sessions

It also has the game types to keep you coming back. Gymkhana is all about skills and tricks rather than lights-to-flag racing. While Playgrounds offers huge creative freedom for players to let their imaginations run wild.

From creating Nitro Circus routes to remaking Pacman within the game, the DIRT 5 players around the world have created some sensational Playgrounds runs for you to try. What can you come up with?

What else is on PS Plus?

Joining DIRT 5 on PS Plus this month are two other titles. These games are available for free to PS Plus members from today until Tuesday February 1.

Persona 5 Strikers brings the usual style of Persona games with an all-new story for players to dive into on PS4.

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player co-op FPS that features "badass space Dwarves", that's quite the selling point! Work together to dig, explore, and fight through massive cave systems with hordes of enemies.

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