Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton's F1 Film Gets Release Date

Brad Pitt and Carlos Sainz
Credit: Apple Original Films

Brad Pitt and Carlos Sainz
Credit: Apple Original Films

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F1 fans, start your engines. The long-awaited Formula 1 film produced by Lewis Hamilton and starring Brad Pitt finally has a release date. After what seems an eternity, F1 fans can start building the hype.

Apex racing

Eagle-eyed F1 fans may have spotted an extra team at the 2023 British Grand Prix. APX GP is the name of the fictional Formula 1 team at the center of the sport’s latest film, starring Brad Pitt as a former F1 driver brought back into the sport to help a young rookie.

Brad Pitt and Max Verstappen
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Credit: Apple Original Films

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Top Gun: Maverick’s Joseph Kosinski, the as-yet-unnamed film is being developed with the help of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton is helping hone the script, ensuring the film represents F1 as authentically as possible. He’s also listed as a producer of the film, with his F1 connections very apparent in the film’s development.

Last year’s Grand Prix held at Silverstone was used for extensive filming sessions. Pitt was seen driving a modified F2 car built by Mercedes between Formula 1 sessions, with both Pitt and co-star Damson Idris also mingling with drivers in the paddock over the weekend.

Silverstone bosses set up an eleventh garage for APX GP along the pitlane, where filming also took place. The APX cars were even set up on the grid with the rest of the teams, where Javier Bardem appeared as the team principal for scenes.

After production was halted last year due to strike action, filming returned to Silverstone in recent weeks. With production now back on track, we finally have a release date for the film.

Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton’s F1 film gets release date

Fans will be able to see how APX GP stacks up against the rest of the grid when the film is released next summer. The F1 movie will be released internationally on June 25, with a North American release on June 27.

Lewis Hamilton's F1 Film Gets Release Date
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Credit: Apple Original Films

Although the official title of the film has yet to be revealed, it is rumored to be called Apex after the team featured.

Unlike previous racing films such as Le Mans 66, Gran Turismo, and Rush, Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton's film will capture the essence of F1. Cars were filmed at real speed to show the intensity of the sport.

Apple has bought the rights to the film, with its release anticipated to be at cinemas before transferring to Apple TV. With a budget rumored to be around £125 million (approx $140 million), production has cost around the same as F1’s annual budget cap for teams of $135 million.

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