Brad Pitt's F1 Movie Has the Most Unimaginative Title

a group of men are standing next to each other on a race track .
Credit: Formula 1 / Apple Original Films

a group of men are standing next to each other on a race track .
Credit: Formula 1 / Apple Original Films

Years in the making, Brad Pitt’s F1 movie finally has a title. Formula 1 and Apple Original Films have announced the upcoming F1 movie starring Brad Pitt will simply be called…F1. Is that the best title they could come up with?

F1 movie teaser to be shown at British Grand Prix

In a post on X, Formula 1 has confirmed a “sneak peek” of Brad Pitt’s F1 movie will be shown this Sunday at the British Grand Prix. This will likely be a short teaser trailer.

The plot sees Pitt play former Formula 1 driver Sonny Hayes, who returns to the sport after a long absence and partners with his teammate Joshua Pearce, played by Damson Idris, racing for the fictional APXGP team. Kerry Condon, Javier Bardem, Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia, and Samson Kayo also star in the film.

F1 has parallels with the 1971 Le Mans movie. Like Steve McQueen’s ill-fated movie, the races were shot on location, with Brad Pitt seen filming at last year’s British Grand Prix. Let’s hope it’s a bigger box office hit than Le Mans, which was an infamous flop. Filming will resume at this weekend's British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton has also helped produce the film to make the racing scenes as authentic and edge-of-your-seat as possible.

F1 movie Brad Pitt and Damson Idris
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Directed by Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun Maverick), F1 is set to release in theatres worldwide on June 25, 2025, and in North America on June 27, 2025. Hopefully, it can stand alongside Rush, Ford v Ferrari (Le Mans '66 in the UK), and Steve McQueen’s Le Mans as one of the best racing movies ever made. 

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