F1 2020 Update 1.15 patch notes, fixes, F2, PS4, Xbox, PC, Stadia

All eyes might be on F1 2021 now, but that doesn't mean Codemasters has forgotten about F1 2020!

A new patch has arrived for fix a few things across every platform.

Let's take a look at the patch notes.

F1 2020 update 1.15 patch notes

This is a small patch, and mostly focuses on correcting some issues with the the F2 update that landed before Christmas.

Here are the patch notes...

  • Marcus Armstrong now has the correct nationality
  • Addressed an issue where Artem Markelov would be quicker than intended
  • Pedro Piquet now has the correct number on the rear wing
  • Addressed an issue where sponsor boards and garage textures were missing on Bahrain for F2 2020
F2 2020
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WHEEL-TO-WHEEL ACTION: The racing in F2 is often wild

This aren't the only changes, but they are the bulk of them.

Frustratingly, Marcus Armstrong had the wrong nationality in the update, that's now fixed.

So is the rapid pace of Artem Markelov. His HWA would regularly disappear out in front much to the surprise of everyone.

Equal performance time trial

The addition of enabling equal performance to time trial is an interesting wrinkle, and perhaps aimed at the F1 Esports crowd.

We often see the problem of F1 Esports drivers having to use their teams car in time trial, and therefore setting laps well under the pace they could be.

Enabling equal performance gives them the exact same car they would be driving in official F1 Esports races, making practicing somewhat easier.

F1 2021

We are still waiting for word on F1 2021. We know the game is coming, but the release date is still a guessing game.

F1 2020 Classic Cars
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WHO'S NEXT?: Who could get the legends treatment in F1 2021?

A usual release date would put it somewhere in June/July 2021, but we don't know how the events of 2020 and recent UK lockdowns have impacted Codemasters' ability to deliver the game.

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