F1 2021 Australia Wet Setup: Albert Park Setup, My Team, Career Mode & more

We won't see another Australian Grand Prix until at least 2022. However, that's not an issue for those that love racing around the Albert Park Street Circuit in F1 2021. Unlike most previous F1 games though, Melbourne's spot on the calendar is towards the end of the season in Career Mode and My Team.

Something that hasn't changed though, is the likelihood of rain making an appearance, which is pretty common in F1 2021. You'll have to adapt your dry Australia setup for rainy conditions and here's the best that we've found!


F1 2021 Australian GP Wet setup aerodynamics
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With Australia being a street circuit, your aerodynamics were always going to be configured more for cornering speed than straight-line speed. We've found that you're best off going 9-11 when it rains in Melbourne. These wing angles keep the rear of the car planted mid-corner, while the front wing angle allows the front of the car to turn in smoothly.


F1 2021 Australian GP Wet setup transmission
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As is the case for all circuits when they get wet, an open differential is what you need to be quick in Australia. 65% on-throttle diff allows for a gradual transmission of power from the rear wheels without causing much wheelspin. For off-throttle, you'll be best down at 50%, as this keeps the car steady through corners like the T11-12 chicane.

Suspension Geometry

F1 2021 Australian GP Wet setup suspension geometry
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The wet weather tyres are very durable in F1 2021, so you can afford to lean on them with the camber and toe values here. For the toe, you're best all the way down at the minimum values to increase the overall grip of the car. 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear is ideal.

The camber values should also be on the liberal side, especially for the front tyres, as these wear out more slowly than the rears. -2.50 on the front and -1.60 on the rear is what we found to be best here.


F1 2021 Australian GP Wet setup suspension
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A stiff suspension increases the potential pace in your car, but it also increases the likelihood of you spinning out. Therefore, a suspension that's on the softer side is generally best for the wet conditions. We found that suspension springs of 4-5 is best, as you can run over the kerbs without fear.

Anti-roll bar of 5-5 is ideal in the wet in Melbourne, as the car can really attack the high-speed direction changes like Turns 11 and 12. Australia is a flat circuit, but you'll still need a ride height of 5-7 to prevent spinning out when you're attacking the kerbs.


F1 2021 Australian GP Wet setup brakes
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There are a few big stops in Australia, but nothing huge. The braking zones into Turns 1, 3 and 13 are long, but lockups are rare, even when it's wet. We found that you can crank the brake pressure all the way up to 97%, which will help you hugely when trying to overtake.

The brake bias should also be around 56% towards the front, but feel free to change if you're struggling.


F1 2021 Australian GP Wet setup tyres 1
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Tyre wear isn't an issue here in the wet, you can still comfortably do a 1-stop while having an aggressive setup. 22.2 psi on the front with 23.5 psi on the rear axle is best, as it also keeps the tyres warmer down Albert Park's multiple long straights.

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