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The Red Bull Ring in Austria is a favourite for online racing in F1 2021. Full of long straights, heavy braking zones, and plenty of chances for wheel-to-wheel action it is easy to see why.

However, with F1 2021's new handling it will be tricky to get up to speed on this short circuit where precision is everything.

Thankfully, we've got the setup for you!


F1 2021 Austria setup

The Red Bull Ring is an extremely high-speed circuit, but that doesn't mean you can rip off the wings and put your foot down. With a third sector that is full of medium-to-high speed corners you still need a good degree of downforce and stability in the car to really get a good lap time.


With three long straights, you don't want too much downforce slowing you down. However, the final sector needs some good aero performance to get the most out of it.

F1 2021 Austria setup aero
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We've gone with a 5-7 set, this will give you the planted rear for the final part of the lap and enough bite on turn-in to the slow corners without hampering your straight-line speed.


The transmission establishes the way power is put through the rear wheels.

F1 2021 Austria Setup transmission
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Here we've gone with 70% on-throttle differential to give good drive out of the corners but without chewing up the rear tyres.

Off-throttle is set to 55% which will give you nice levels of rotation in the car.

Suspension Geometry

Suspension geometry sets how the wheels are aligned with the car. Here we have gone for a pretty standard setting.

F1 2021 Austria setup suspension geometry
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Front camber is set all the way to the right, with rear camber all the way left.

Front toe is set to 0.06, or one click from ultimate left. And rear toe is set all the way left.

We've found these settings give you a very solid base to work with and do a good job at protecting the tyres from overheating.


Suspension is a very personal part of the setup, as it can dictate how understeery or oversteery the car is.

F1 2021 Austria setup suspension
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We've gone for 1-3 on the suspension and 7-7 with the anti-roll bars. This will keep the car stable and not give you any unexpected moments at turn 3 or through the esses in the final sector.

Ride height is set to 3-7 to let you pick up some kerb through the final sector and prevent the car bottoming out too much.


Brakes have changed a bit from last year.

F1 2021 Austria setup brakes
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We've gone with 95% brake pressure and 56% brake bias.

The pressure should be as high as you can make it without creating lockups. With lockup frequency increased a touch this year, and becoming more frequent the further into a stint you are, we think 95% is a nice place to be.

While you can still adjust brake bias in-race, 56% lets you avoid any rear locking (a real problem this year) and keep your stopping distances to a minimum.


Tyres have also had a big overhaul this year.

F1 2021 Austria setup tyres
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We've gone for 21.8psi in the fronts and 22.7psi in the rears. Rear tyres appear to react better to higher pressures this season, giving better performance overall.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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