F1 2021 Bahrain Wet Setup: Sakhir setup, Career Mode, My Team, & more

We absolutely love F1 2021 and we're not putting it down anytime soon. We've produced a lot of dry setups now, but what if the weather isn't ideal? Rain can play a role in any race in Career Mode and My Team, even somewhere like Bahrain.

The Bahrain International Circuit hosts the first round of your championship when you select the full calendar option. How should your setup differ in the wet compared to dry conditions? We've got everything you need right here!


F1 2021 Bahrain wet setup aerodynamics
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Despite being a high-speed circuit, you'll need high wing angles in Bahrain. This is especially true in wet conditions, as you need a stable ride, especially through the mid-section esses. We went with 9 on both the front and rear of the car, as this glues the car to the track.


F1 2021 Bahrain wet setup transmission
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Grip is at a premium in Bahrain and that's especially the case when it's wet. However, you also need smooth transition of power as well, as the rear wheels love to spin up in the big traction zones. So, we've therefore opted for a very unlocked differential, 65% on-throttle and 50% off.

Suspension Geometry

F1 2021 Bahrain wet setup suspension geometry
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To compensate for the lack of grip from the transmission, your suspension geometry must be adventurous. The higher the camber and the lower the toe, the more mechanical grip from the tyres you'll have. This does have the disadvantage of increased tyre wear though, but this shouldn't be an issue with the very durable wet tyres.

We set our camber values to -2.50 on the front and -1.80 on the rear. The front toe is down at 0.05, with the rear all the way down at 0.20 as well.


F1 2021 Bahrain wet setup suspension
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You need to treat the kerbs as though they're made out of lava in Bahrain, even more so in the wet. Although, your suspension needs to be on the soft side, in case you do run wide, as a stiff suspension will give you no chance of avoiding a spin.

We configured the suspension springs to be soft, 1 on the front and 4 on the rear. The anti-roll bar also needs to be on the soft side, 2 on the front and 3 on the rear.

Finally, you ride height needs to be slightly higher than normal, thanks to the steep climb and descents in the middle sector. We found 3 on the front and 6 on the rear to be ideal.


F1 2021 Bahrain wet setup brakes
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Brakes take a pounding in Bahrain, so you'll need high pressure to stop in time. 92% pressure is the highest you can go while avoiding lock-ups. We found that 58% brake bias is also right for the best balance, but change this if you're locking up the rears.


F1 2021 Bahrain wet setup tyres
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Low tyre pressure on the fronts, with high pressures on the rear are best in Bahrain. We found that 21.4 psi on the fronts is high enough to keep them up to temperature and allows for long life. 22.3 psi on the rear axle does heat up the rears a lot, but you need this for good grip levels, and it doesn't wear them out too fast.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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