F1 2021 Belgium Setup: Spa setup, Career Mode, My Team & more

F1 2021 has finally hit the shelves, and with it a brand new challenge for players to tackle.

With new handling, simply doing a CTRL C + CTRL V on your setups from last year won't get the job done.

If you are to conquer the immense Spa-Francorchamps you need a particularly tuned setup.

F1 2021 Belgium setup

Spa is one of the greatest race tracks in the world thanks to its enormous elevation change, stunning scenery, and sensational corners.


From the famous Eau Rouge/Radillon to Pouhon, Stavelot, and Blanchimont it's a rollercoaster of a circuit. Spa's long flat-out sections are begging you to strip off the downforce and go for ultimate top speed. But do so at your peril as the middle sector asks a lot of the car with long-radius corners and tricky chicanes.


Take off as much wing as you dare, but going with something of a compromise is the best way to ensure you are consistently getting around the track.

F1 2021 belgium setup aero
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For Spa we've used a 3-5 setting on the aero. This keeps the car super predictable through the middle sector and competitive down the straights.

If you are struggling to get through Eau Rouge/Radillon the answer is probably your line rather than not enough wing angle here.


Transmission dictates how power is delivered to the rear wheels.

F1 2021 belgium setup transmission
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We've gone with 70% for the on-throttle differential and 55% off-throttle. This will keep the car rotating nicely but also give you plenty of traction out of the slower corners.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry part of the setup sets the wheels and their alignment to the body of the car.

F1 2021 belgium setup suspension geometry
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We've gone with fully right camber on the front tyres, and fully left on the rears.

For front toe we've added a click to 0.06, with rear toe set fully left.


Suspension is one of the most personal parts of the setup. It can produce understeer or oversteer in the car to match your driving style.

F1 2021 belgium setup suspension
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We've put the suspension to 2-6 and the anti-roll bars at 7-9. This provides good rotation through the corners, especially in the middle sector. It's a very stable and predictable car to drive.

Ride height is set to 3-7. This will let you ride some kerbs without bottoming out, but don't get too greedy out there, some of the Spa kerbs will bite back!


With a couple of big stops we need a good deal of brake power.

F1 2021 belgium setup brakes
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We've gone with 98% brake pressure and 57% brake bias.

This will give you good stopping power for the Bus Stop and La Source, with the added forward bias protecting your from rear locking.


Spa isn't hard on the tyres, but as it's a long lap you don't want to abuse them too much.

F1 2021 belgium setup tyres
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We've set the front tyres to 21.8psi and the rears to 23.5psi. This should give good grip through the corners and optimal performance from the rear.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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