F1 2021 Trailer: Codemasters shows off the new features in latest trailer

As 2021 rolls on and the new Formula 1 season approaches, gamers everyone is getting ready for F1 2021.

Codemasters & EA have finally lifted the curtain on F1 2021, and there is a lot to digest.

Let's see what the trailer has for us!

F1 2021 Features trailer

The full trailer has finally landed, just a month out from the game's release.

Showing off everything from Braking Point to My Team and even some driver ratings, it is just making the wait feel even longer!


F1 2021 Deluxe Edition Trailer

This trailer shows off the Deluxe Edition of the game, and we can't wait to get hands on!


The Icons coming to the game are some of the best drivers to ever take to the track, and it's going to be awesome to drive as them.

F1 2021 launch trailer

The launch trailer landed, and there is a familiar voice to it...


That's right, Devon Butler is back! The voices are the only hint on what we can expect, but is sounds like a huge personal rivalry with “Akerman” is going to be our primary focus.

Two-Player Career

We’re also excited to reveal a feature you’ve requested for a long time – the ability to play career with your friends, either co-operatively or competitively. As each player will have complete control over the assists, you’ll be able to enjoy the game whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the series.

Real-Season Start

F1 2021’s ‘Real-Season Start’ feature lets you jump into this season’s action, reflecting the live standings, and then you can take over and drive the remaining races. Great for players who want to jump into the season to align with the real-world season.

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