F1 2021 Jeddah Wet Setup: Saudi Arabia Setup, My Team, Career Mode, Time Trial & more

Update 1.13 has brought the Jeddah Street Circuit to F1 2021. Ahead of the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix next month, Codemasters have given players a chance to experience this brand-new circuit in-game.

As this track is located in the Arabian Gulf, we're not expecting rain to feature in real life. However, anything is possible in the Official Formula 1 game, so what happens to your setup if the wet weather comes? We've got you covered right here with our wet setup guide for Jeddah!


F1 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabian Setup Aerodynamics
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Despite Jeddah having the highest average speed of any street circuit, it's still a street circuit. Therefore, you'll need a high downforce setup to be quick in Jeddah. We found that wing angles of 9 on the front and 10 on the rear is best, as it gives you great grip to stick the car to the track around medium-speed corners.

Confidence is key in Saudi Arabia, you need to be strong on corner exit to keep cars behind at bay.


F1 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabian Setup Transmission
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A more locked transmission gives more overall grip, but you'll need an open setup for Saudi. This is because the car won't be as snappy this way and ensure that it's easy keep a handle on when getting back on the throttle. A differential of 70% for on-throttle and 50% off-throttle keeps the car pointing in the right direction throughout.

Suspension Geometry

F1 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabian Setup Suspension Geometry
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Tyre wear isn't an issue when it rains because the full wet tyres are extremely durable. Therefore, you can opt for lower camber and toe values in Saudi. We found that -2.50 on the front and -1.70 for the rear are ideal cambers, as the tyre wears aren't high, but grip is improved hugely.

It's a similar story for the toes as well, as the smallest values possible are best. 0.05 for the front and 0.20 for the rear gives you great grip while not compromising a one-stop strategy.


F1 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabian Setup Suspension
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The kerbs around the Saudi Circuit aren't harsh, but in the rain and with the speed you're taking the corners, you'll need a soft suspension setup to avoid spinning. 2-4 suspension gives you a licence you go over the rumble strips without fear of snap-oversteer ending your race.

You'll also need to be on the soft side for the anti-roll bar. Despite how many fast corners there are here, there aren't too many left-right, nor right-left harsh swings either. So, a 3-4 anti-roll bar setup is best around here.

The ride height needs to be slightly higher than average. Despite this track being as flat as a pancake, this is mainly to help over the kerbs. 4 on the front and 7 on the rear keeps the car stable without compromising your straight-line speed.


F1 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabian Setup Brakes
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There are multiple decent braking zones in Saudi, but not many long ones. This will make overtaking extremely difficult but it does allow for your brake pressure to be very high. 95% braking pressure is the maximum you can get away with without locking up regularly.

52% bias towards the front is our preference as well, but feel free to change these to suit your driving style.


F1 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabian Setup Tyres
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It doesn't seem right, but you can get away with the highest possible pressures on all four tyres in Saudi. Jeddah's low tyre wear means that you don't have to worry about overheating even at full pressure. This will help maintain the temperature in the tyres and keep the grip available too.

25.0 psi on the fronts and 23.5 psi on the rears is our pick for tyre configurations.

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