F1 2021 Monaco Setup: Career mode, My Team, race setup & more

Codemasters' brand new F1 2021 has finally arrived and with it new challenges for drivers.

The new handling model for F1 2021 means that setups have changed radically from the previous title. If you bring your old setup into the new game you'll quickly find yourself pointing the wrong way!

So how should you set your car up for Monaco? Let's take a look.


F1 2021 Monaco setup

Monaco is one track that a lot of players will just skip, but with the right setup the narrow streets of the principality can be a joy to drive.


Precise driving and quick changes of direction are required to master the circuit, which means the most unique setup of the whole game is needed to get that all-important pole position!


As you might expect, we've loaded the wing angle onto the car for Monaco.

F1 2021 Monaco setup aero
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The 10-11 wings will give you the best performance for pushing the car hard through the slow and winding second sector and the fast-flowing third sector.


While the ideal transmission is higher than this, we need to protect the tyres and generate a bit more of an active front-end for Monaco.

F1 2021 Monaco setup transmission
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As such we've gone with a 55% on-throttle differential to still give you a little extra performance out of Portier for that one shot at overtaking.

The 50% off-throttle differential will let you get that rotation through the slow corners.

Suspension geometry

There's no super-secret sauce for Monaco in the suspension geometry.

F1 2021 monaco setup suspension geometry
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We're still pushing the front camber all the way to the right and the rear camber all the way to the left.

On the front toe we add a touch back to 0.06, again just for the better bite into the corners. Any more and you risk cooking your rubber though.

Rear toe is again a full left setting.


This is where the magic happens for Monaco. While not what the fastest time trial setups will have, this is an ultra-friendly setting that will let you thread the needle through the final sector and keep you full of confidence.

F1 2021 Monaco setup suspension
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We've gone with a 9-6 setting for the suspension and 7-6 for the anti-roll bars. This gives you a planted car that isn't lunging on the brakes or under acceleration. It also lets you pull off the quick changes of direction through the Novelle Chicane and Swimming Pool.

The 4-7 ride height lets you get up on the kerbs through Portier and the final sector without doing damage to the floor (a crucial thing in F1 2021) and stops all that aero from pushing the car into the ground.


It takes a special touch on the brake pedal to be highly competitive around Monaco.

F1 2021 Monaco setup brakes
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We've gone with 98% brake pressure just to take the edge off those regular lockups when dropping into first & second gear from Mirabeau to the tunnel.

The brake bias is set to 56% to avoid rear locking, which is a guaranteed way to end your race with a trip to the armco.


While tyre pressure meta is changing this year, we still like the old way for Monaco.

F1 2021 monaco setup tyres
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We've taken all the pressure out of the tyres, running 21.0psi on the front and 19.5psi on the rear.

This helps tyre life and traction out of the slow corners.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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