F1 2021 PS5: Release date, graphics, features, & more!

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F1 2021 is on its way!

While F1 2020 was their best-ever Formula 1 game, F1 2021 looks set to blow it away with huge new features and next-gen capabilities. This also includes awesome new Braking Point additions and even a co-op career!

What can PS5 owners expect from F1 2021?

Latest news - Full game review

We've now had a chance to get hands-on with F1 2021 early, and have put together this review!


From the highs and lows in Braking Point, to new in-game features and improved graphics, this next instalment in the F1 franchise really does have it all.

Launch trailer

We've finally been treated to our first look at the launch trailer for F1 2021, and our excitement is immeasurable!


As well as the normal gameplay and game engine footage to wow us, we also had a sneak peek at some more Braking Point drama.

More F1 2021 screenshots!

With the run up to the Austrian Grand Prix now here, we've got some more screenshots of the circuit.


This now just has us even more hyped to get playing the game on PS5!

PS5 graphics

If you are lucky enough to have grabbed a PS5 already then you are in for a treat with F1 2021.

The Codemasters game will come with two visual setups for the PS5: Graphics & Performance. The Graphics option will run at 60fps in full 4K, while Performance takes it up to 120fps at 1440p.

f1 2021 russell silverstone
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RACING LIKE NO OTHER: F1 2021 promises to deliver an experience players can't get anywhere else

Of course, you'll need a monitor capable of delivering these options too so be sure to check your hardware!

Naturally, there is also the lightning load times for those on the PS5 that will make it much quicker to get onto the track.

Controller like no other

We all know about the awesome DualSense controller by now, but F1 2021 will make full use of the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.


This will let you feel every bump in the road through the controller in much finer detail than ever before. While the triggers will stiffen up on you as you increase brake pressure or lock up.

It's set to give PS5 pad players a little boost over PS4 players.

Release date

The confirmed release date for F1 2021 is 16 July.

f1 2021 mclaren
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Mc-WOW: The new cars look good, but when can we see them on track?

If you get the Deluxe Edition then you can start playing from 13 July, along with a few extras, as you would expect from a higher edition.

New features

Devon Butler returns to F1!

But in what capacity? A new story mode, Braking Point, will see him make his way back, but the trailer suggests someone else could be standing between us and F1 glory.


Along with the story mode there is now a two-player career mode and the return of My Team. The R&D has seen a big overhaul for both career and My Team too.

Free upgrade

If you haven't been able to get your hands on a PS5 yet then don't worry.

F1 2021 will be using PlayStation's free upgrade to let you continue your racing journey as you transition from PS4 up to the glorious PS5.

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