F1 2021 Series X: Graphics, gameplay, Smart Delivery, new features & more

The F1 season is rolling

We're still making do with F1 2020, although the game is outstanding by all measures.

Latest News - Full game review

We've now had the opportunity to experience everything that F1 2021 has to offer early, and have put together this comprehensive review.


From improved graphics, new features, a streamlined HUD, and drama on and off the track in Braking Point, the latest game really does have it all!

F1 2021 Xbox Series X|S release date

F1 2021 has an official release date of 16 July and a price tag of £59.99 on the Microsoft Store.

As usual though, you can play a few days earlier if you get the Deluxe Edition! This special edition of the game comes with a few extras and three days of early access, but it does cost £74.99.

F1 2021 Xbox Series X|S Graphics

This year's Formula 1 game is the first to be developed directly for the new consoles, and as a result it brings the heat with graphics and performance.

There are two visual options: Graphics and Performance. In the Graphics setting you'll get 60 fps and 4K resolution, while Performance will hit 120 fps at 1440p. You'll need a monitor capable of keeping up with those numbers, so if you only have one that taps out at 30 fps, you'll need an upgrade to see the improvements.

Of course, the Xbox Series X|S will bring those lightning quick load times to F1 2021 too. Getting you from menu to garage faster than ever.

Cross-gen play & Smart Delivery

If you don't have an Xbox Series X|S yet then don't panic.

Codemasters is making use of Xbox's Smart Delivery, so you will only have to buy the game once even if you wait a few months to get the Series X.

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It will also support cross-gen online play, so lobbies won't be separated into Xbox One and Xbox X|S players which is great news.

New features

The announcement trailer unveiled an all-new story mode, Braking Point, which will see the return of a certain someone...


That's right, Devon Butler is back!! He's not the only unique character getting involved though, as players will take on a winding journey from Formula 2 all the way up to the top in F1.

Along with the new story mode, two-player career mode is also available, while My Team returns.

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