F1 2021 Update 1.04 Patch Notes: Xbox, PlayStation, PC

F1 2021 has taken the community by storm with its refreshed handling and amazing story mode Braking Point.

Like all games though, it's not launched without its problems. Codemasters has been hard at work rectifying them, and has released a new update for the game.

F1 2021 Updates 1.04 patch notes

This update is out now for PC and PlayStation, and will be landed on Xbox shortly.

It addresses the problematic My Team save corruption.

F1 2021 Alonso
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  • Addressed an issue where users would experience a corrupt save if they edited their vehicle's livery from within the MyTeam HQ. Saves that were previously corrupted as a result of this bug will be able to be resumed after applying the patch.

That's great news for anyone who suffered this issue, as the save is no longer lost!

There is one extra part to the patch specifically for PS5 players.

PlayStation 5 ray tracing

There has been some instability in F1 2021 on PS5 for players, which Codemasters says is down to ray tracing. As a result, they have temporarily disabled ray tracing on the PS5 to improve the game's stability.

Codemasters is aiming to re-enable it as soon as possible though, and will be hard at work on a permanent solution.

What about wheels?

Some players have been reporting a loss of force feedback from their Thrustmaster or Logitech wheel at the start of F1 2021, it can happen at any time and massively impact you mid-race.

F1 2021 turn 1
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This is a known problem, but no patch addressing the issue has been released yet. If it happens to you, as it has to us, unplugging the USB connecting to your console and plugging it back in will restore FFB.

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