F1 2021: Portimao arrives today, Imola, Jeddah release date, NEW reveal trailer, & more!

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Codemasters are constantly working on improving their excellent game F1 2021 via patches and updates. The British developer has done something out of the ordinary this weekend, though.

Normally, patches and updates go live as soon as they're announced and don't have a video regarding them go live. This leads us to believe that this update will be a big one and one that you won't want to miss the info on.

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Today's update gives us a plethora of exciting new features, so let's take a look now!

New circuits

F1 2021 is the official video game of the 2021 Formula 1 season. So, you'd expect the game to mirror every aspect of the current season of racing. For the most part, the game does this, as all of the teams, drivers, and most of the circuits are all fully licensed and have been available since launch.


We speculated that the next update for F1 2021 (1.10) would include Portimao and that looks like being the case. Portimao was a last-minute addition to the 2021 calendar and was therefore not included in the base game from launch.

Now, we know for certain that Portimao is arriving today along with updated car performances, New Aston Martin Safety Car, and Free Trial on Xbox & PlayStation!


We know that more is arriving in the near future as well thanks to this trailer, all of which should keep fans on the edge of their seats.

assetto corsa competizione 2020 gt world challenge dlc imola 2
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WHERE ARE YOU IMOLA? Imola still isn't on the F1 2021 game

Imola probably didn't require as much effort to add as Portimao, as this was included in the F1 2013 game as a classic circuit.

More possibilities include an updated Circuit de Catalunya to include the new Turn 10 and Turkey's Istanbul Park back into the game. It's also possible that we could see the new layouts for the Yas Marina and Albert Park circuits added, although, this is unlikely due to the fact we haven't raced on them yet.

The notes also state that an F1 Sports update is en route for us in October, although it remains to be seen exactly what that entails!


Finally, the trailer showed us what is to come in November. Firstly, we're getting the brand new Jeddah Street Circuit.

Jeddah 1
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This track is also new to Formula One as a whole, and we're incredibly to see what happens when the track is added to the game in full.

Finally, the November update will include the F2 2021 season. This means you'll have an up-to-date F1 2021 and F2 2021 grid for all your racing desires!

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