F1 22 Multiplayer: Will this finally be the year we get Crossplay?

With huge racing releases such as GRID Legends and Gran Turismo 7 to come in the next month, it can be easy to forget about what is just over the horizon. The 2022 official Formula 1 game will launch in the summer and it's fair to say that we're hyped.

Codemasters have consistently improved upon their flagship series year on year and we've no doubt that F1 22 will continue this. So, what's in store for F1 gamers with online multiplayer? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Will crossplay finally arrive?

It's no secret that the Formula 1 games have been some of the best racing games over the past few years. Codies continually improve and develop on their winning formula, always introducing new features. Something that has seemingly missed them by so far though is Crossplay.

Crossplay is the ability to be able to play in the same lobbies as players on different consoles. For example, if you're playing on Xbox, and your friends are on PlayStation, with Crossplay, you'll still be able to against each other.

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INCREASING THE POOL: Crossplay would open up a lot of opportunities for players on different consoles

We've often wondered if Crossplay will ever come to the Formula 1 games and we haven't had a concrete answer yet. F1 game developer Lee Mather has stated that this is something that Codies "are working on", so could 2022 finally be the year?

It's certainly possible, and if F1 22 is released on both current and next-gen, we'd wager it's likely. F1 22 is releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so we're hoping these will be linked with the Series X and PS5, respectively.

Creating online servers that can go between Xbox, PlayStation and PC isn't easy, but it's definitely doable. Codies have managed this with one of their own games too, as Dirt 5 has Crossplay servers between Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Cross-play is not confirmed, but F1 22 will have cross-gen multiplayer at launch. This means PS5 and PS4 players can race together online, as can Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players.

Podium Pass fun

Something we expect to be expanded further for F1 22 is the Podium Pass. Podium Pass is a feature which has huge potential, and we believe EA and Codies will tap into this more this year. So far, new liveries, celebrations and clothes have all been available via Podium Pass, but there's a lot more that could be available.

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MORE TOYS FOR THE BOYS: Podium Pass makes more content available to players

We've spoken a lot about Formula 1 increasing the number of Icons and Classic Cars within the game and Podium Pass is a likely way to do it. PP continually receives new "Series" every few months, so a new Icon and a new classic car along with the other rewards is a great way to entice more players to get onboard.

While items such as new apparel are nice, they don't hold any sentimental value. For true fans of Formula 1 though, old cars and legendary drivers definitely do, so watch this space!

Co-op Career to continue

Last year, a beloved game mode returned to the F1 series. Co-op career mode was back, and it was sorely missed. In F1 2021, you could have a fully-fledged Career Mode alongside a friend in the same team. Even features such as driver rivalries, meet the press, and developing the car were included in this mode.

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BETTER WITH FRIENDS: Co-op career is a criminally underrated F1 game mode

With a record-breaking 23 races planned for 2022, this year will be bigger than ever for co-op career mode, as well as My Team and Career Mode.

F1 22 Release Date

F1 22 will release on 1 July. Preordering the Champions Edition also gives players three days early access.

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F1 22 will release on last-gen and current-gen consoles

As for which consoles it will be available on, F1 22 will release on PS5, PS4, Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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