F1 2022 reportedly won’t have crossplay at launch

F1 2022 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Codemasters’ next F1 game will reportedly have some significant changes. Last month, a report by reliable leaker Tom Henderson claimed F1 2022 will have a new lifestyle mode allowing you to drive supercars for the first time in an F1 game.

F1 2022 will also reportedly feature crossplay for the first time – but not at launch.

No crossplay at launch

According to Henderson via Xfire, F1 2022 won’t have crossplay when the game launches. Crossplay is still reportedly planned for F1 2022 after launch, however, but it's not known when it will be added.

F1 2021 screenshot Ferrari Red Bull
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Crossplay will reportedly be added to F1 2022 after launch

If the rumours are true, crossplay will be an exciting new addition to F1 2022. This long-requested feature will enable players to race each other on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC simultaneously.

Supercars scaled back

One of the most surprising new features in F1 2022 is allegedly the introduction of supercars to the series. A new F1 Life mode will reportedly replace last year’s Braking Point Story mode, simulating the life of an F1 driver.

For the first time in an F1 game, this new mode will let players collect and drive supercars. Originally, supercars were planned for single-player and online multiplayer. But according to Henderson’s sources, supercars will only be available in Time Trial and F1 Life.

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Supercars will only be available in single player according to the latest rumours

The report adds that Formula One Management, the main operating company of the Formula One Group, requested the supercar content to be scaled back. As a result, you won’t be able to race supercars online in F1 2022.

Sources suggest core gameplay elements won't change from F1 2021. Henderson says not to expect changes to the handling, customisation, ERS, penalty system, Podium Pass, co-op, graphics, Career, and My Team.

To be clear, these rumours are not verified. We’ll have to wait until Codemasters officially announces F1 2022 to find out if these rumours are true.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer because F1 2022 will likely be announced this month. There’s no official release date yet, but a July release seems likely going by past F1 games.

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