F1 22 Imola Wet Setup: Online, My Team, Career Mode & more

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F1 22 Imola Wet setup

Just like we saw in real life last year, a great wet weather setup around Imola is so important in F1 22.

We're so glad to see Imola in F1 22! Being located in Northern Italy means that wet weather isn't uncommon here in the F1 game. So, what is the best setup for rainy conditions at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix?


F1 22 Imola wet setup

The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix has found a permanent home on the Formula 1 calendar after being brought in as a temporary race in 2020. Imola is comprised of narrow chicanes, tight and surprisingly fast corners and only one real passing spot.

Qualifying is so important here, but tyre wear also plays a big role in the outcome of races here. This setup in the video above is tuned to keep you on the road with consistent and sharp front-end performance through your stint.



Unlike most circuits in F1 22, you'll need high downforce levels for Imola. This is to keep the car stable over the track's bumpy and narrow surface, while also ensuring you can keep good speed through the corners.

F1 22 Imola Wet Setup

We opted for a front wing angle of 36, with 40 on the rear of the car. This will lose you some straight-line speed, but you'll be rapid through the chicanes.


Your transmission should always be towards the locked side of the settings range. This is especially true for the on-throttle, which is up to 95%.

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This may not help overall grip, but it will mean a smoother power curve makes the car more predictable.

F1 22 Imola Wet Setup

For off-throttle, we've gone for 60% because you need to have good turn in when off the throttle.

Suspension Geometry

The wet weather tyres are extremely durable, so you won't need to worry about needing multiple pit stops to make the finish.

F1 22 Imola Wet Setup

So, we've gone with the smallest camber and toe angles to allow for the highest grip levels possible. These are -2.50 for the front and 1.00 on the rear for the camber. For the toe, we opted for 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


A middle of the road configuration for the suspension gives great balance between responsiveness and stability in Imola.

The kerbs here are very harsh, but you won't be using them much, thanks to the sausage kerbs on top of them. So, we've gone for 6/5 suspension for the springs to give good performance and stability.

F1 22 Imola Wet Setup

Your anti-roll bar is the same, with 6/5 giving good responsiveness without meaning you'll have to fight to keep control of the car.

Finally, we've gone for slightly higher than normal 5/5 ride height. This means you can go over the kerbs without losing control when you do.



Strong brakes are very important around Imola, thanks to the multiple long braking zones throughout the lap. lock-ups aren't common here, so you can go up to 97% brake pressure here even in the wet.

F1 22 Imola Wet Setup

We've also gone for 52% brake bias towards the front, as this prevents lock-ups on the front and rear axles.


As mentioned before, tyre wear isn't an issue around here with the wet tyres. So, we've gone for higher pressures than usual for Imola.

F1 22 Imola Wet Setup

We've found that 23.7 psi on the front axle with 22.7 psi on the rear is best, as this gives good grip without overheating your Pirellis.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!