F1 22 Jeddah Wet Setup: Saudi Arabia setup, online, My Team, Career & more

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F1 22 Saudi Arabian wet setup

Jeddah is the fastest street circuit in F1 22. So, a great wet weather setup in the game is key to being quick in Saudi Arabia.

Formula 1 has found a new home in Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Circuit. You're unlikely to see rain here in My Team Career Mode, but anything is possible in the F1 game.


F1 22 Jeddah wet setup

Most of the time you head to Saudi Arabia, you'll experience dry weather throughout the weekend. The team over on our YouTube channel have made a video tutorial for this circuit's best setup in the dry:

The above setup is all about stability and consistency. Once tyre wear starts to kick in or you find yourself on the hard compound, this setup will really help you out compared to the AI.

Here's our Saudi Arabian Grand Prix wet weather setup!


Jeddah is the fastest street circuit on the Formula 1 calendar. However, you'll still need to crank the wing angles up to deal with the high and low-speed corners around here.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah wet setup

This is particularly the case for the wet too, as more grip is needed to be competitive. So, we've opted for 18-25 wings, as you'll still be quick down the straights and flat-out areas with this.


A more locked transmission helps smooth the power curve of the car and make it more predictable when both on and off the throttle. This will reduce overall grip levels and increase tyre wear.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah wet setup

However, this isn't an issue, especially since the wet tyres are very durable and doing a one-stop race here is pretty easy. We recommend 95% on-throttle and 60% off throttle for Jeddah.

Suspension Geometry

We don't differ much from the usual values here for the suspension geometry. Tyre wear isn't a problem around Jeddah and mecahnical grip is so vital here.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah wet setup

So, we've gone for the lowest possible camber and toe values. These are -2.50 front camber and -1.00 rear camber. For the toes, these are 0.05 and 0.20.


The suspension should be on the soft side around Jeddah. This is for a few reasons, but the main one is that the kerbs here are on the harsh side. We've gone for 3-6 on the springs.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah wet setup

The anti-roll bar is best at 6-6, as this provides a good balance between responsiveness and stability, both of which you need around here.

The ride height should be slightly higher than normal at 4-4 for Jeddah. This will hurt your straight-line speed slightly, but it will help the stability of the car should you run off the circuit.


Lock-ups aren't common around Jeddah if you have ABS disabled. In the rain though, they are more common, so 92% brake pressure is about right.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah wet setup

We've gone with 52% brake bias as well, but feel free to change this if you're struggling to avoid locking up.


The higher your tyre pressures, the more grip they generate. However, you'll also increase the wear rate of your rubber, but that's not an issue in the wet.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah wet setup

So, we reckon that 23.7 psi on the fronts and 22.7 psi on the rear is about right to keep temperatures in your Pirellis.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!