F1 22 Mexico Wet Setup: My Team, Online, Career Mode & more

F1 22 Mexico wet setup

F1 22 Mexico wet setup

When it rains in Mexico in F1 22, you need to make sure you have a great wet weather setup.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has always hosted the Mexican Grand Prix, ever since the 1960s. It's been a popular re-addition to the calendar since returning in 2015.

F1 22 Mexico wet setup

Mexico's F1 circuit is anything but easy to set up for. There is one of the longest straights on the calendar, coupled with a mix of both and low and medium-speed corners.



Mexico's long pit and back-straights mean your downforce settings have to be on the low side

F1 22 Mexico setup aerodynamics
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We found that 18-22 wings provide a good compromise between downforce and good straight-line speed. This also means that you have a planted rear end and impressive turn-in and responsiveness on the front.


The transmission settings determine how the power from the engine is sent through the wheels of the car. This is for both when on and off the throttle.

F1 22 Mexico setup transmission
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We found that 95% on-throttle diff gives a consistent rear end when getting back on the power. It also allows for a lack of tyre wear as well.

58% off-throttle diff provides extra rotation into corners, especially the S section of the circuit in the middle sector.

Suspension geometry

The wet tyres are very durable and mean that you can do a one-stop race without any issues. This is true when you have the lowest camber and toe angles available as well.

F1 22 Mexico setup suspension geometry
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So, we’ve gone with -2.50 for the front camber and -1.00 on the rear. For toe it's 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear. This provides so much mechanical grip for the car.


Your suspension should always be on the soft side in the wet. This is because it allows for mistakes by running over the kerbs without unsettling the car too much.

F1 22 Mexico setup suspension
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So, we've gone for 5-1 suspension and 5-1 anti-roll bar settings. This makes running over the kerbs no issue, while also providing a responsive steering setting too.

The 7-7 ride height is on the high side, but it does allow for a smoother ride and doesn't cost you too much down the straights in Mexico.


The braking zones into Turns 1, 4 and 12 are long, so good stopping power is a must around Mexico.

F1 22 Mexico setup brakes
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So, we’ve gone with 96% brake pressure and 53% brake bias. These make for great braking power and also an ideal balance between the front and rear discs.

If you find you're locking up in practice too much, then drop the brake pressure down a little.


Tyre pressures can be turned up higher than ever in F1 22! This will provide more grip and won't result in the tyres overheating.

F1 22 Mexico setup tyres
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We have found a lot of success with 23.5 psi on the front tyres and 23.0 psi on the rears. Tyre wear isn't too high with these settings, but if you're finding the fronts overheating, turn these down a little.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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