Drive the 2024 McLaren in F1 23 Now

Drive the 2024 McLaren in F1 23 Now

Drive the 2024 McLaren in F1 23 Now

McLaren surprised everyone when they casually dropped their 2024 livery out of nowhere. At the time of the launch, fans were promised the chance to drive the MCL38 in F1 23, but then things went quiet.

After a period of silence, however, the 2024 McLaren is now available in F1 23, but there is a catch.

First off the line

Despite being one of the last teams to ‘officially’ unveil their 2024 car, McLaren was actually one of the first to drop their 2024 livery. After catching us all off-guard with their reveal, McLaren Shadow, the team’s esports outfit, promised the livery would soon come to F1 23.

Drive The 2024 McLaren In F1 23 Now
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Weeks went by after that, with no update as to when the livery would be available, but that’s all now changed. The 2024 McLaren is now available to drive in F1 23, but there is a small catch involved.

Drive the 2024 McLaren MCL38 in F1 23

Players can try out the MCL38 in F1 23, but it’s not quite as easy as firing up the game and hitting the track. As part of a partnership between McLaren and EA, the MCL38 livery will be available to F1 23 players who preorder F1 24.

Those who preorder F1 24 before 24 April will be rewarded with two McLaren liveries in F1 23 to use in Time Trial. These liveries are the MCL38 2024 McLaren and McLaren Shadow esports livery.

F1 23 McLaren MCL38 preorder livery
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Not only that, players can also unlock the 2024 Williams, Haas, and Alpine liveries in F1 23, with the Alpine esports livery also available via their esports team. In total, this makes six incredible liveries able to be used for players who buy F1 24 early.

A second set of 2024 liveries will also be coming to F1 23 after 24 April, arriving just before F1 24 launches on 31 May. Hopefully, this is the start of more crossovers between iterations of the F1 franchise.

F1 23 2024 Alpine livery
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Will you be preordering F1 24 to get your hands on these liveries? Let us know in the comments below!

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