F1 23 Adds Alfa Romeo x BOOGIE Art Livery and New Scenario

F1 23 Alfa Romeo x BOOGIE Art Livery

F1 23 Alfa Romeo x BOOGIE Art Livery

Another week, another new Alfa Romeo livery. The Swiss team seem to be going through liveries like Red Bull goes through drivers, with the latest set to debut at this week’s Dutch Grand Prix. Luckily for players, the new x BOOGIE Art Livery is now available to unlock in F1 23.

It’s not just a new livery coming to the game though. We’ve also got the usual new Scenario and even a Race Event to enjoy.

F1 23 adds Alfa Romeo x BOOGIE Art Livery

To celebrate the end of the Formula 1 summer break, the Alfa Romeo x BOOGIE Art Livery is available for all players to unlock. A striking livery, the x BOOGIE Art Livery is the result of a collaboration between Alfa Romeo and German graffiti artist BOOGIE.

An augmented reality version of this weekend’s Alfa Romeo car has been created for fans to view from their homes. A 3D car model has also been created and will be displayed at the Global Gaming Hub at London’s ExCel Centre next February.

There’s no challenge to complete in order to unlock this livery. All you need to do is log in to F1 23 between 21 August and 4 September, and the livery is yours. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to dazzle the rest of the grid whilst racing to victory.

It’s not just the new livery heading to F1 23 this week, however.

Dutch Grand Prix Scenario Event

Along with the new Alfa Romeo livery, a new Scenario Event is coming to F1 23. This event puts players into the racing boots of Oscar Piastri during the Dutch Grand Prix. With Piastri running in an unspectacular ninth place, deteriorating weather has opened the door for a possible podium finish.

F1 23 Piastri Zandvoort
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This Scenario Event is available to play from 21 - 28 August via F1 World. With only a week to play, you need to be quick to score Oscar his elusive first podium.

To play the Scenario Event, follow this path: F1 World > Play > Solo & Multiplayer > Scenario.

F1 Replay: Miami

If the Alfa Romeo livery and Dutch Grand Prix Scenario Event weren’t enough, a new F1 Replay will also arrive this week. Taking us back to sun-soaked Miami, this F1 Replay is possibly the easiest so far. All you have to do is win the Miami Grand Prix as Max Verstappen.

F1 23 Verstappen Miami
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Even starting in ninth place, Max charged through the grid to take victory, starting an eight-race winning streak and arguably ending teammate Sergio Perez’s chances at a World Championship battle. All players have to do is emulate the two-time World Champion and take Max to victory around the Hard Rock Stadium.

To access this F1 Replay event, follow this path: F1 World > Play > Solo & Multiplayer > F1 Replay

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