F1 23: Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge at Brazil available now

F1 23 Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge around Brazil available now

F1 23 Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge around Brazil available now

The first F1 23 Pro Challenge of November has dropped, and it brings both a favourite driver and circuit. Charles Leclerc is the driver to beat, challenging you to beat his time around Interlagos. Let’s take a look at the latest Pro Challenge available now in F1 23.

Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge around Brazil available now

November brings three Pro Challenges for the last three races of the 2023 season. The first brings a fan-favourite driver to an incredibly popular track. Charles Leclerc throws down the gauntlet this week, with players needing to beat his time around Interlagos.

Just like the last F1 23 Pro Challenge, Charles hasn’t set his time on the usual sim rig. Instead, his lap has been set using a controller, putting the advantage on you.

Leclerc’s time to beat is a 1:10:161. This should be a pretty easy time for players to beat on a wheel, but might be more of a challenge for pad players. If you find yourself struggling, check out our Brazil Grand Prix setup for the perfect configuration for Interlagos.

The reward for beating Leclerc this week is however a little underwhelming. Despite most drivers using custom helmets this weekend, the reward for completing the Leclerc Pro Challenge is some F1 World resources.

Players have from 2 - 8 November to beat Leclerc in Brazil. You can find the Leclerc Pro Challenge via the following path in F1 World:

F1 World > Play > Solo & Multiplayer > Pro Challenge

F1 23 November roadmap puts Leclerc on pole

We’re into the penultimate month of the year, but the content keeps coming in F1 23. November’s roadmap reveals three more Pro Challenges are coming in 2023, with two featuring Charles Leclerc. These take place around Interlagos and the streets of Las Vegas, with Leclerc being the driver to beat in Sao Paulo and Sin City.

F1 23 November roadmap
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Max Verstappen takes the curtain closer at Yas Marina, with the Abu Dhabi circuit playing host to his first World Championship win. With the Dutchman able to drive the track like no other driver, however, this won’t be an easy challenge to complete.

November also sees two F1 Replay events in Brazil and Las Vegas. With Las Vegas making its Formula 1 debut this year, this is going to be an exciting challenge to take on.

Click here to read more about the F1 23 November roadmap.

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