F1 23’s Pro Challenge Lets You Take on Max Verstappen

Love it or hate it, F1 World is here to stay in the F1 game series. Introduced in F1 23, the new hub combines Grand Prix Time Trial, and Multiplayer into a cohesive central hub. Codemasters is hoping new challenges, rewards, and content updates will keep players on the grid for the long haul.

As F1’s Senior Creative Director Lee Mather explained to us in our interview with Codemasters, F1 World was heavily inspired by looter shooters. To keep players coming back, recent updates have added Max Verstappen's Miami helmet and the Williams 800th Race Livery as reward items.

Now, EA has outlined new events and scenarios coming to F1 World over the next month.

F1 23 Pro Challenge coming in late August

At the end of August, Codemasters is introducing a new Pro Challenge event to F1 World. This challenge sees you go wheel-to-wheel with two-time champion Max Verstappen in a ghost lap time trial.

F1 23 Belgian Grand Prix Challenge Scenario Event
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More scenarios will be added over the next month starring drivers George Russell (July 24), Fernando Alonso (July 31), Valtteri Bottas (August 8) and Oscar Piastri (August 22). Completing these challenges will earn you exclusive team and seasonal rewards such as special edition liveries, driver helmets, race suits, and more.

“We are really excited to provide fans with new racing challenges, including the opportunity to test their skills against in-game ghost laps of real-world F1® drivers, starting with the current Championship leader,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters.

“Our new ‘Pro Challenge’ will become a key feature in ‘F1 World’ hub awarding racers both glory and exclusive items.”

F1 Replay

Introduced in update 1.08, the first F1 Replay also launches today. This new mode in F1 World lets you relive previous races in the 2023 season with drivers matching the grid positions of a real race weekend.

A new race from the 2023 calendar will be added each week starting with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

F1 23 F1 Replay Bahrain Grand Prix
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On-demand league racing is now available on the EA Racenet app. This lets players race in leagues with AI drivers without having to schedule a specific date and time.

A future update will also allow players to compare their time trial laps with professional drivers.

F1 23 league racing Racenet
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Driver ratings update

For the first time since launch, Codemasters has also updated F1 23’s driver ratings based on their real-season performance. Ratings for several drivers have increased including Max Verstappen, Alex Albon, and Oscar Piastri.

Check out the updated F1 23 driver ratings here.

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