F1 23: How to play Time Trial

F1 23: How to play Time Trial

F1 23: How to play Time Trial

Returning players to the F1 series may be looking forward to getting stuck into Time Trial mode, only to find it’s not the easiest mode to find. New players joining the series may also be wondering how to play Time Trial in F1 23.

Considering it’s such a popular mode in the F1 series, you’d expect Time Trial to be front and centre in the game’s menus. Instead, it’s hidden away inside another feature of F1 23.

How to play Time Trial in F1 23

To find Time Trial, players need to first head into F1 World. The new home for single-player and multiplayer events and challenges, F1 World has been rather divisive amongst F1 fans this year. We here at Racing Games are big fans of the new hub, but it does still has its critics.

After entering F1 World, you need to head to the ‘Play’ menu. This is where you can find most of F1 World’s events, including the Series playlist, weekly challenges, and of course Time Trial. Once you’re in the ‘Play’ tab, scroll along the options until you find Time Trial.

F1 23 Time Trial location
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In the Time Trial menu, you can choose your car and track. The cars available are the 2023 F1 team cars, the 2022 F1 team cars, and your F1 World car.

This is the car you develop throughout your time in F1 World, but for Time Trial it uses equal performance just like the other car options. With your car chosen, simply select the track you want to lap and off you go.

Perfecting your Time Trial setup

To set a good lap in Time Trial, you need you have the best setup for the car. This can vary according to your driving style, but there are some factors that remain consistent.

If you’re struggling to find the right setup for you, check out our video below or take a look at our individual track setups.

Our setups work for both Time Trials and races, so you don’t need to worry about changing setups when switching game modes. Longer races may see you needing to tweak the tyre pressures, but otherwise, you’re good to go.

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