F1 23: How to change race length

F1 23 has a wide range of race distances available to play, yet a lot of players don’t know how to change race length when setting up a session. Not only do the race distances change, but other settings can also be affected. This depends on if you’re going for a quick blast around a track, or settling on for the long haul on a 100% race.

With many settings moving from F1 22, here’s how to change the race length in F1 23.

Different race lengths available

In total, there are six race lengths available in F1 23. These are:

  • Three-lap
  • Five-lap
  • 25%
  • 35%
  • 50%
  • 100%
F1 23 Red Bull at Red Bull Ring
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Depending on which length you choose, other aspects of the race may be different. For example, three and five-lap races have pit stops, safety cars and red flags disabled. This was also the case for 25% races until Codemasters released an update to fix this.

So changing the race length changes other elements of the race, but how do you change the race length?

How to change race length in F1 23

To change race length, first, you have to enter a race session. You can do this in multiple ways, from Career Mode or My Team or even just Grand Prix in F1 World. Once you’re in the setup screen, head over to ‘Weekend Structure’.

F1 23 race length settings
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This menu is where you can enable or disable practice and qualifying sessions for the race weekend, add a sprint race if you want more on-track action, and, most importantly here, change the session length. This setting cannot be changed once a race weekend has started, so be sure to head to this menu before starting your first session of the weekend.

In Career Mode and My Team, you can change session length in the ‘Go To Next Session’ screen, but again be aware that only certain session lengths can be tweaked once the race weekend has started.

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