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F1 23: How to unlock the Alfa Romeo KICK Streaming livery

F1 23: How to unlock the Alfa Romeo KICK Streaming livery

There have been some great limited-edition liveries in Formula 1 this season. We’ve had the Red Bull Miami livery, the Williams 800th race livery, and the nostalgic McLaren Chrome livery for the British Grand Prix.

The latest is the Alfa Romeo KICK Streaming livery, but how do you unlock this livery in F1 23?

How to unlock the Alfa Romeo KICK livery in F1 23

Adding some striking green to the Alfa Romeo livery, the limited edition KICK Streaming livery was added to the car for the Belgian Grand Prix to celebrate the team’s partnership with streaming giant KICK. Sadly the livery didn’t help the team score points, but it certainly stood out around the Ardennes forest.

F1 23 Alfa Romeo KICK Streaming livery
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To unlock the Alfa Romeo KICK livery in F1 23, you have to complete this week’s scenario in F1 World. This scenario sees Valtteri Bottas attempting to take advantage of a drying track at Portimao. Bolting on a set of slick tyres, it’s down to you to finish in the top five within the final 10 laps of the race.

Completing the scenario unlocks the Alfa Romeo KICK livery, but you need to hurry. The scenario is only available from 7 August to 13 August so there’s not much time. Once you have completed the scenario, you can claim the livery from 14 August.

Rewind to Australia

As well as adding the Alfa Romeo KICK livery, Update 1.09 also brings a new F1 Rewind event to F1 23. Racing as George Russell in Australia, this event offers a ‘what if’ scenario if Russell’s engine hadn’t failed after only 17 laps.

In the real race, Russell qualified second and lead the race after the first corner. Sadly for him, his race ended in a cloud of smoke along the main straight. This event attempts to change the race outcome for George.

F1 23 George Russell in Australia
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Holding off Max Verstappen isn’t easy, but George managed to do exactly that for the first stint of the race. It’s now up to you to rewrite F1 history by taking the young Mercedes driver to victory in the Australian Grand Prix.

Update 1.09 also adds a new difficulty level for F1 World, along with other balancing changes to the game mode. There are also other planned changes to F1 World due in further updates this year.

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