F1 23: How to unlock the Compendium

F1 23: How to unlock the compendium

F1 23: How to unlock the compendium

One of F1 23's less talked about new features is the Compendium. But how do you unlock the Compendium in F1 23?

Designed to educate new and existing fans about the rich history of the sport, the Compendium sees you collecting stickers showcasing iconic moments in F1.

But to see these stickers, you first need to unlock the Compendium. This guide will show you how to unlock the Compendium in F1 23.

How to unlock the Compendium in F1 23

First of all, where is the Compendium? You can find the Compendium within F1 World, on the main menu. But you’ll notice the Compendium is locked when you first start out.

F1 23 Compendium in F1 World
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When you first start out in F1 23, the Compendium is locked for new players. This is to encourage new players to explore F1 World before going sticker hunting. To unlock the Compendium, you need to complete certain races within F1 World.

To unlock the Compendium, you need to complete the opening Welcome To F1 World series in the Solo Series, before completing 15 laps in any race. In total, you need to complete five races to unlock the Goals tab, and then complete the 15 required laps.

Once you’ve unlocked the Compendium, it’s time to go sticker hunting!

Codemasters gives update on F1 23 anti-cheat

With cheating becoming more of an issue in F1 23, the demand for an anti-cheat is higher than ever. Thankfully, Codemasters confirmed they are working on an anti-cheat back in June. However since that confirmation, things have gone a bit quiet, so where is it?

F1 23 anti-cheat in development
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F1 23 Creative Director Lee Mather confirmed to RacingGames that an F1 23 anti-cheat is a high priority and is still in active development. “We are still working very aggressively on trying to develop an anti-cheat for the series,” said Mather.

Following in the footsteps of FIFA 23’s anti-cheat would be a good start for the game, especially now cheating allegations are starting to appear in the pro leagues. F1 23 definitely needs some kind of system to prevent cheating in the future, before players are turned off league racing for good.

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