F1 23: Lewis Hamilton Las Vegas Scenario Event now live

F1 23 Las Vegas Scenario Event

F1 23 Las Vegas Scenario Event

Formula 1 makes its long-awaited Las Vegas debut this weekend. To celebrate the occasion, this week’s F1 23 Scenario Event challenges you to take Lewis Hamilton to glory in Sin City.

F1 23 Las Vegas Scenario Event now live

This week’s F1 23 Scenario Event begins with Lewis Hamilton in fifth place. Your goal is to finish the race as the winner, but with your hard tyres at the end of their life, and 10 laps to go, this is easier said than done.

George Russell provides the first obstacle, before Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, and Lando Norris block your path to victory.

If that’s not challenging enough, there are a series of backmarkers to also negotiate, with the barriers of Las Vegas narrowing in as your tyres start to lose performance. Keep your composure, find your overtaking spots, and brake 50 metres earlier than expected to compensate for your dying rubber, and you’ll take Lewis Hamilton back to the top.

Completing this week’s F1 23 Scenario Event will earn you a series of F1 World rewards. You can find this week’s Scenario Event via the following path:

F1 World > Play > Solo & Multiplayer > Scenario

F1 23 free to play this weekend

Normally in Las Vegas, the house wins. This week, however, things are a little different, with F1 23 free-to-play to all players.

Everyone on all platforms can enjoy F1 23 for free over the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend. If that’s not generous enough, F1 23 will also go on sale for up to 60% off for players to pick up the game after the free weekend.

F1 23 free weekend
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Players yet to experience F1 23 can now hop into Braking Point 2.0, various career modes, and of course F1 World. The Las Vegas street circuit is also waiting for new players, so check out our recently updated F1 23 Las Vegas setup to make sure you hit the jackpot and avoid going bust in the barriers.

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