Celebrate Max Verstappen's Championship Win in F1 23

F1 23 Max Verstappen

F1 23 Max Verstappen

2023 will go down as the year of Max Verstappen's dominance. Winning 19 out of 23 races, Verstappen tore apart the rest of the grid week after week relentlessly. To celebrate his championship win, there is an impressive reward available to win in F1 23.

Taken to the Max

Max Verstappen was a man on a mission in 2023. Winning almost every race no matter where he started from on the grid, Verstappen took racing to a whole new level.

F1 23 Max Verstappen
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With an incredible racing machine underneath him in the RB19, Verstappen broke almost every record during the year, including most consecutive wins and most wins in a season. The Dutch champion also surpassed the likes of Alain Prost on the total victory leaderboard and is now over halfway to beating Lewis Hamilton’s record of 103 wins with 54 wins.

The peoples' champion

Verstappen's achievements aren't just limited to the real world. In F1 23 he's also seen a fair amount of success.

Codemasters recently revealed that Verstappen was the most selected driver in F1 23. 21% of all F1 23 players have raced as Max, with 60% of those finishing on the podium. As impressive as that sounds, that's nothing compared to the amount of wins Verstappen has clocked around the virtual circuits.

F1 23 Max Verstappen achievements
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An incredible 823k races have been won by players racing as Verstappen, with Bahrain his most lucrative track. It’s a season worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what F1 23 is doing with its latest F1 World challenges.

Celebrate in style

To commemorate EA Sports Ambassador Verstappen’s 2023 championship victory, F1 23 players can win a piece of Max Verstappen's racing history.

Max’s 2023 championship-winning helmet is available to win through F1 World. This striking design combines the iconic Red Bull red and blue colours with gold trim, celebrating both the driver’s and constructor’s championship wins.

F1 23 Max Verstappen Pro Challenges
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In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Codemasters confirmed both the Dutch and Japanese Grand Prix Pro Challenges featuring Verstappen will return, with Verstappen's previous helmet rewards up for grabs. Along with the returning challenges, a new Verstappen Pro Challenge around Qatar will be added, giving players a chance to win Verstappen’s 2023 championship helmet.

The Verstappen rewards will be available on F1 23 from 12 to 26 December on all platforms in F1 23. All challenges are accessible through F1 World.

F1 23 December driver ratings see Leclerc recover

Codemasters has released the latest round of driver rating updates, and it’s good news for Charles Leclerc. After a mixed year in 2023, Leclerc’s ratings had slumped. A strong end to the season however galvanised the Monagasque, despite Ferrari missing out on second in the championship.

F1 23 December driver ratings
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An epic send on the final lap in Las Vegas, combined with a strong Abu Dhabi Grand Prix boosted Leclerc back up alongside his teammate Carlos Sainz. Leclerc isn’t the only driver on the rise either.

Oscar Piastri and Zhou Guanyu also see increases in their ratings. Piastri managed to log the best rookie season since a certain Lewis Hamilton back in 2007, with 2024 looking to be strong for the Australian. With Kevin Magnussen and Logan Sargeant both ending the year with a whimper, there’s work for both drivers to do over the off-season ready for Bahrain next year.

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