First F1 24 Feedback Session Held This Week

First F1 24 feedback session held this week

First F1 24 feedback session held this week

It’s usually around this time of year that rumours around the next F1 game begin to swirl. With preseason testing well underway, fans begin to speculate when the next entry will be announced. 2024 seems to be breaking the mould, however, with the first feedback session for F1 24 already taking place.

Early racers

Codemasters' F1 games usually launch sometime in the summer, around the time of the British Grand Prix. We usually get the first snippets of the game around May, with the first trailers landing between then and launch.

This year though, things seem to be kicking into gear earlier than expected. A recent leak from usually reliable leaker billbil-kun suggests the game will instead launch in May, with an announcement potentially as early as next week.

A post from the F1 Creator Series on X (formerly Twitter) this week shows that the first feedback session for F1 24 has already taken place, seemingly backing up these rumours. Several big names from the F1 creator space were invited to the event on 20 February, including F1 esports driver Jarno Opmeer, creator Tiametmarduk, and WTF1’s Haydon Gullis.

With the game showing signs of being in a playable state, there’s one question on everyone’s minds.

Is F1 24 releasing early?

Sometimes when you read rumours about a game, you have to take it with a pinch of salt. Many times in the past rumours have swirled about a game releasing early, only for us to be kept waiting even longer than usual.

F1 24 could already be in beta
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There does seem to be some credibility behind these F1 24 rumours, however, with the feedback session only reinforcing the idea further that the game is in an alpha or even beta stage already. Therefore we could see an announcement about F1 24 soon, including potentially an earlier-than-usual release date.

The leaker claims F1 24 will be released on 31 May, with Champions Edition players getting three days of early access from 28 May. If the rumours are true, this means F1 24 will arrive between the Monaco and Canada Grand Prix.

With the F1 2024 curtain raiser in Bahrain taking place next weekend, could Codemasters surprise us all by revealing F1 24 at the same time? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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