F1 24 Needs These 5 Features

F1 24 Needs These Features

F1 24 Needs These Features

F1 24 has been officially announced, but beyond its release date and an overhauled career mode, there's a lot we don't know about the game. When a game is kept vague, fans will naturally speculate about the new features it could include.

With that in mind, we've compiled our own F1 24 wishlist. Without further ado, here are five features we think F1 24 needs to have.

Lack of innovation

One factor that recent F1 games have lacked is innovation. Besides the addition of F1 World in F1 23, the last big change was My Team in F1 2020.

F1 2021 My Team
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Since then, it’s been the same old, same old with each new entry. That means this year's title will be make or break for the series. F1 24 has the perfect chance to win back the fans by introducing a range of new features.

Codemasters have already confirmed an overhauled Career Mode will be coming to the game this year, but the series is crying out for much more than that. With these features, F1 24 would be a guaranteed success.

Classic content

Arguably the most requested feature over the last couple of F1 titles is classic cars. Being able to take a break from the modern era to hop into a V10 monster for a lap of Suzuka has been a long-missed feature since classic cars were removed in F1 22.

F1 2020 classic cars
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Cars representing every era of F1 would be a much-loved feature if it returns in F1 24. From Fangio’s Alfa Romeo 158 to Hamilton’s McLaren-Mercedes MP4-23 and even Vettel’s dominant RB9, there are plenty of iconic cars that could be available to players, even if it's just an exclusive F1 World Time Trial.

Legendary F1 circuits would also be a welcome addition. From recent absentees such as Paul Ricard and Portimao to the more long-term excluded tracks of Hockenheim, Sepang, and the Nurburgring, there are plenty of options when it comes to bringing back iconic tracks.

The return of Imola in 2020, as well as the Chinese Grand Prix’s 2024 comeback, proves that the older circuits are just as popular as the modern ones.

Engine upgrades

Every time a new F1 game is announced, the question is always asked which engine it runs on. Since F1 2010, every new entry has been based on a version of Codemasters’ in-house Ego Engine. As a result, recent entries have looked outdated. The series is crying out for a serious engine upgrade.

F1 23
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With Ego Engine not mentioned on any of F1 24's promotional material so far, fans have speculated that this year’s game could finally receive a much-needed engine upgrade. Codemasters’ EA Sports WRC using Unreal Engine 4 last year has also suggested the F1 series will upgrade to Unreal moving forward.

Despite excitement over a new engine, there is one bad sign. F1 24 is still being released on PS4 and Xbox One. This suggests that even if the series switches to Unreal Engine, it still won’t provide the upgrade fans are demanding.

Immersive VR

F1 22 and F1 23 have both featured VR support for PC racers, but players on other platforms have been excluded from the VR paddock. In particular, PSVR2 players have been asking for VR support on PS5 since F1 23. Full VR support is long overdue in Codemasters' F1 games.

F1 22 VR
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Whether you’re a PlayStation player looking for the full immersive experience or a PC player looking to go VR racing without SteamVR, every player should be able to experience an F1 car in true virtual reality beauty - as long as your stomach can handle it of course!

From charging up the hill in Monaco to the epic descent through the forest at Spa, nothing beats being in the cockpit in these adrenaline-filled moments. F1 24 has the perfect opportunity to bring all VR players into the race, regardless of their platform.

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Racing highlights

One of the unique selling points of the F1 series is the ability to live out a full F1 race weekend. For some players, however, finding time to complete a 90-minute race just isn’t possible. The drawback to this, though, is missing out on key race moments that you just don’t get in a five-lap sprint.

F1 Manager 2023 Spa
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One possible solution to this is to borrow from another EA Sports title. EA FC 24 features a highlights system, where the game plays out in the background with players being thrown into the action in key moments.

This system would also work perfectly in F1 24. With the bulk of the action taking place from a top-down view, much like F1 Manager, the player would be put behind the wheel for any potential overtakes, pit stops, safety cars, or even red flag situations.

EA FC’s highlights let the players choose which events they’re brought back into the action for, so something similar for F1 24 would be ideal. This way, players can simulate a full-length race without missing any of the action.

Team building

My Team was an incredible addition when it first debuted in F1 2020, but the game mode has fallen flat in recent years. It badly needs a boost, and its racing cousin could give it that.

EA Sports WRC introduced an all-new career mode, where the players hire mechanics and engineers to race their way to success. This is by far the biggest innovation My Team needs, so we're hoping Codemasters will implement a similar feature in F1 24.

EA Sports WRC career mode
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If My Team receives a recruitment overhaul, now is also the perfect time to bring in driver academies. Nurturing the sport's future is just as important as chasing instant success, so establishing a young driver program and hiring the best young talent in F1 has to be included.

Building relationships with other teams whereby your young drivers drive for them or their junior drivers drive for you would also be a great way to increase grid interaction. In addition to signing engine supplier contracts, you could also secure a seat for an up-and-coming driver.

What do you think of our F1 24 wishlist? What new features would you like to see come to F1 24? Let us know down below!

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