F1 Esports Rumoured To Return This Season

F1 Esports Will Return This Season

F1 Esports Will Return This Season

It’s safe to say F1 esports is in a bit of a bad place right now. After a delayed start, we only saw one race completed before everything ground to a halt once again. Despite rumours that the series could be cancelled, however, there’s good news just around the corner.

Stalling on the grid

F1 esports has always showcased the best sim racing drivers in the world. From seasoned winners like Jarno Opmeer and Brendon Leigh to up-and-coming talent like Thomas Ronhaar and reigning champion Lucas Blakeley, there’s never a dull moment when the drivers hit the virtual grid.

For fans of F1 esports, the revival of the series not only marks a return to high-speeds virtual racing but also provides an unusual occasion for those that are attracted by esports betting. This is going to be an action-packed race month where we may see some unexpected winners. Such a busy schedule makes the experience more thrilling and offers different types of bets including wild cards predictions or battles’ results anticipation. For individuals interested in exploring these betting landscapes further, diving into the world of esports betting platforms can offer a comprehensive guide to making informed choices. This exploration not only enhances the viewing experience but enriches the engagement with the world of F1 esports.

F1 Esports To Return This Season
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Off the track, however, things haven’t been quite as slick. The series, rebranded as the F1 Pro Sim World Championship, was due to kick off at DreamHack Sweden in November 2023. Although things did eventually get started, the event was delayed by 24 hours after a dispute over prize money.

These disputes caused the first event in Sweden to be condensed into a single race at Bahrain, instead of hosting two races. Despite the disputes looking to have been resolved after the first round, things stalled again shortly before the second event was due to begin at DreamHack Atlanta, with the series sitting dormant ever since.

So with F1 esports in limbo, it wasn’t looking like the 2023 series was ever going to be completed. Recent rumours however suggest that the F1 Pro Sim World Championship isn’t over just yet.

F1 esports rumoured to return

According to League Racing News (LRN) on X (formerly Twitter), a meeting between F1 esports organisers Formula One Management (FOM) and the F1 esports teams took place on 16 February. During the meeting, many of the issues plaguing the series were addressed, including the prize money issues that have held the series back.

F1 Esports To Return This Year
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As a result of the meeting, LRN reports that F1 esports is due to return before the end of the F1 23 season. Races are planned to be held throughout April 2024, with the aim being to complete the rest of the 2023 season in one go.

For fans of F1 esports, this is great to hea. Not only does the action return, but with races held so close together the chances of unexpected winners and intense racing will only benefit the viewers watching around the world.

It’s also been hinted that the series will continue to use the LAN format seen at DreamHack Sweden. We don’t yet know if each event will be hosted at a different location, but we anticipate each race being held at the same LAN event to save time and money.

It is important to remember that this is all unconfirmed by Formula 1, the esports teams, and drivers. LRN has been reliable when it comes to F1 esports reports, but given previous issues with the series since it's move to ESL there may be twists yet to come.

For fans of F1 esports and betting on esports, this is great to hear. Not only does the action return, but with races held so close together the chances of unexpected winners, interesting and non-obvious bets and intense racing will only benefit the viewers watching around the world.

Where to watch F1 esports

F1 hosted the first round of the F1 Pro Sim World Championship on its Twitch channel and on YouTube. We predict the same will happen should the series restart.

F1 Esports To Return This Year
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We’re also hoping to see the series promoted more on social media if the championship really is restarting. The first event was held somewhat covertly, with some fans not even realising the series had returned.

With bridges to rebuild, and an audience eager to start watching, this is a huge opportunity for F1 to relaunch its new esports series without repeating the mistakes of last year.

Are you happy to see F1 esports back? Are you looking forward to the virtual racing return? Or are you still cautious after last year’s false start? Let us know in the comments below!

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