F1 Manager 2022 Feature Focus video takes a closer look at recruiting drivers and staff

F1 22 launched off the line last week, and while new features such as F1 Life are fun distractions, the overall experience feels familiar. But it isn’t the only officially licensed F1 game fans are looking forward to this year.

Launching in late August, F1 Manager 2022 shows a different side of the world of F1 with you taking on the role of a Team Principal taking one of the official F1 teams to the top.

As F1 Manager 2022 gets closer to launch, Frontier Developments is releasing a new series of Feature Focus videos diving into different aspects of the comprehensive management sim. The first video narrated by F1 commentator and analyst Karun Chandhok takes a closer look at driver recruitment.

Recruiting drivers in F1 Manager 2022

In F1 Manager 2022, you’ll be scouting for talent and hiring all manner of staff from drivers to pit crew and race engineers to create a formidable team. As the video explains, initially you can either stick with the initial lineup of drivers or scout for real replacement drivers from F1, F2 and F3.

Each driver has several ability ratings and contract costs. Drivers from other teams will be more expensive to recruit as you’ll need to buy them out of their current contract.

Everything can be controlled when negotiating a contract from the season length to the salary, and bonuses. Making the right offer is key when negotiating contracts as offers can be turned down.

F1 Manager 2022 driver recruitment
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Younger staff have lower skill levels but can be trained for long-term success.

Not only do you need to hire drivers, but you also need to hire key staff to oversee key aspects of your team such as a Technical Chief and Head of Aerodynamics for car part development and a Race Engineer for your two drivers. The size of engineering and scouting teams can be adjusted, as can the training focus of your pit crew.

Deciding who to hire isn’t as simple as hiring staff with the highest ratings either. Younger staff will initially have lower skill levels but can be improved over time. This means you’ll need to decide whether to spend more budget on experienced and reliable staff members or save money by training less skilled staff for long-term success.

Release date

F1 Manager 2022 will test your decision-making skills as a Formula 1 Team Principal when it releases on 30 August. Pre-ordering F1 Manager 2022 digitally gives five days early access on 25 August as well as a ten percent discount.

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