F1 Manager 2022 update 1.7 delayed

As much as we love F1 Manager 2022, it’s not perfect. Post-launch issues have affected players’ enjoyment of the official F1 management game, from unrealistic tyre wear to slow AI opponents. Thankfully, Frontier Developments will address these issues in an upcoming patch update.

A few weeks ago, Frontier Developments announced F1 Manager 2022 update 1.7 will roll out by the end of this week. It’s now the end of the week and the update hasn’t been released, leaving fans wondering when it will arrive.

F1 Manager 2022 update 1.7 delayed

In a Reddit post, Frontier Developments explained that the next F1 Manager 2022 update is delayed until next week (WC 26 September) at an unspecified date. This is because extra time is required to test the patch “due to the number of changes that the patch will bring.”

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“Just wanted to provide a quick bit of news on the upcoming patch for F1 Manager 2022 that focuses on many of the topics brought up by the community since launch,” the Reddit post reads.

“Due to the number of changes that we’re bringing with this patch, the team need a little more time to test everything. With this in mind, the patch will likely be ready to start rolling out next week, across both PC and console versions of the game.

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"Thank you in advance for your understanding, we’ll of course keep you posted when the patch notes are ready!”

Tyre performance and AI changes

As for what the update will bring, the next patch will adjust the performance of each tyre compound, meaning tyre wear will have a more noticeable effect on performance.

AI behaviour will also be improved to make opponents react to slow situations more realistically, along with changes to fuel delta feedback, UI placement for players with widescreen monitors, and balancing of car parts.

If you’re just getting started, our F1 Manager 2022 beginner’s guide has plenty of tips to help you take your team to the top.

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