F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.7 will address tyres, AI, & more

F1 Manager 2022 is out now. While it’s a solid first effort from Frontier Developments, it’s not perfect. Several key features are missing, and players are encountering some frustrating bugs that hamper the experience.

Some of these issues were fixed in last week’s patch, with update 1.6 fixing glitches affecting the gearbox and Focus bar. Luckily, the next update is around the corner. In a Reddit update, Frontier Developments previewed what we can expect in F1 Manager 2022 update 1.7.

Tyre performance and AI changes coming in F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.7

Since F1 Manager 2022 launched in late August, Frontier Developments has been listening to player feedback and is working to implement changes in the next update.

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One of the most common complaints in F1 Manager 2022 is the tyre performance. Currently, the performance difference between each tyre compound is minimal. Tyre wear is also wildly inconsistent. Thankfully, the next update will address this, improving the overall experience.

In addition, Update 1.7 will improve the AI behaviour. During a Twitter Space broadcast, Frontier Developments explained that the AI drivers will behave more realistically in slow situations and move aside in blue flags and qualifying hot laps.

There will also be changes to fuel delta feedback, UI placement for players with widescreen monitors, and balancing of car parts.

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F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.7 release date

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long for the next F1 Manager 2022 update. Frontier is already testing Update 1.7 and aims to launch it by the end of the week commencing 19 September. Before then, the F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.7 Patch Notes will give more detail about the upcoming changes.

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