F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri Driver Ratings: Does Daniel Ricciardo return?

F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri Driver Ratings: Does Daniel Ricciardo return?

F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri Driver Ratings: Does Daniel Ricciardo return?

Ahead of tomorrow’s early access release, Frontier has revealed the F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri driver ratings, completing the full driver ratings list.

How do Yuki Tsunoda and Nyck De Vries compare? And does Daniel Ricciardo return after replacing Nyck De Vries mid-season? Let's find out.

F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri Driver Ratings

Yuku Tsunoda’s driver rating jumps two points from 77 to 79. The young rookie’s highest rating is 85 for accuracy, followed by 81 for reactions and overtaking. Elsewhere, his cornering, braking, and defending ratings are 79, while his smoothness is 78.

F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri Driver Ratings Yuki Tsunoda
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Meanwhile, his adaptability is rated 74 and his control is rated 73 after a spate of accidents last year.

Nyck De Vries also gains two points with an overall 76 driver rating, up from 74 last year. His highest ratings are smoothness and accuracy at 81 and 80 defending.

However, his other attributes fall into the 70s, with 77 overtaking, 76 adaptability, 74 cornering, braking, and reactions, and 72 control.

Daniel Ricciardo returns

You might be wondering why Daniel Ricciardo isn’t a main driver after he replaced Nyck De Vries mid-season. This is because your career starts at the beginning of 2023, so the driver lineups represent the start of the season.

F1 Manager 2023 AlphaTauri Driver Ratings Daniel Ricciardo
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As such, Ricciardo begins the season as a Red Bull Racing reserve driver. You can, however, hire Daniel Ricciardo to drive for AlphaTauri. This means you can race as the Honey Badger for AlphaTauri in F1 Manager 2023 before F1 23. Codemasters has confirmed Ricciardo will soon be back in F1 23, however. 

In F1 Manager 2023, Ricciardo gets an overall 83 driver rating, down from 84 last year when he drove for McLaren. This means he matches Lance Strolls’ driver rating. Unfortunately, the Honey Badger struggled to find his mojo last year, leading him to leave McLaren at the end of the 2022 season.

His long tenure in F1 means his control and smoothness are rated 87, while his accuracy is 86. His other attributes see a sharp drop, with 83 defending, 82 overtaking and reactions, and 80 cornering and braking.

Early access starts tomorrow

The wait for F1 Manager 2023 is nearly over. Players who pre-order the Deluxe Edition can access F1 Manager 2023 four days earlier tomorrow, 27 July.

After that, the Standard Edition releases digitally on 31 July for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. A physical release will follow on 31 August.

Pre-order F1 Manager 23 at Fanatical to get 19% off by entering code F1MRG at the checkout.

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