F1 Manager 2023: Best Technical Chiefs to hire

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F1 Manager 2023: Best Technical Chiefs

Technical chiefs are crucial in F1 Manager 2023. They develop your car parts, so you’ll need to hire the best F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chiefs to optimise your car's performance.

Here are the best Technical Chiefs you can hire in F1 Manager 2023 to help you build the best car and take your team to the top.

What are F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chiefs?

Technical Chiefs oversee your car’s technical development for the team. They optimise the mechanical design of every car part from the chassis to the front and rear wings to squeeze as much performance as possible and give your team the edge.

F1 Manager 2023 best Technical Chiefs
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To put it simply, higher-rated Technical Chiefs will build better car parts but are more expensive to hire.

So, if you want to build the fastest car on the grid, you need to hire the best F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chiefs.

Every Technical Chief in F1 Manager 2023 has six attributes: Chassis, Front Wing, Rear Wing, Sidepods, Underfloor, and Suspension.

A higher rating in each attribute provides a greater bonus to all car part attributes when designing a new chassis, front wing, rear wing, sidepods, underfloor, and suspension.

Like last year, Underfloors have the most significant impact on your car’s development and performance, so look out for Technical Chiefs with high ratings in this area. Suspension, on the other hand, has the least impact on your car’s development.

F1 Manager 2023 best Technical Chiefs
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To hire the best F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chiefs, they need to be interested in your team. This is achieved by performing well on race days and racking up points. The better your position, the more staff will want to work with you.

They aren’t cheap though. Skilled Technical Chiefs can as cost as much as $3 million per year.

When you first start, your team is assigned a real-life Technical Chief. However, you can also hire from a pool of fictional drivers or poach real-life Technical Chiefs from other teams.

Here are the five best Technical Chiefs in F1 Manager 2023

Pierre Wache

The best Technical Chief in F1 Manager 2023 is Red Bull’s Pierre Wache. This isn’t surprising considering Red Bull’s dominance. His highest stat is a perfect 99 Rear Wing rating. Equally impressive is his 98 Underfloor, 96 Front Wing, 90 Sidepods, and 89 Chassis. These combine to give Wache an overall 94 rating.

Pierre Wache in F1 Manager 2023
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In real life, Wache joined Red Bull Racing in 2013 and has served as Technical Chief since 2018.

Enrico Cardile

Next is Enrico Cardile, who is Ferrari’s Head of Chassis and is set to become Technical Director. Cardile matches Wache’s 94 overall rating and 98 Underfloor rating. His Sidepods stat is one point higher at 91.

Enrico Cardile in F1 Manager 2023
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However, his Chassis, Front Wing, and Rear Wing stats are one point lower at 88, 95, and 98 respectively.

James Allison

Coming in at third is Mercedes’ James Allison. Serving as Technical Director for the real-life team, Allison has a respectable overall rating of 88.

James Allison in F1 Manager 2023
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His highest stat is 93 for Rear Wing development, followed by 91 Underfloor – a vital area for optimising performance.

Dan Fallows

With an overall rating of 85, Aston Martin’s Dan Fallows is the next best F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chief. Fallows is highly skilled in Front Wing and Rear development, rated at 90 and 88 respectively.

Dan Fallows in F1 Manager 2023
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His 86 Underfloor and 82 Sidepods stats also make him a proficient Technical Chief, but is let down by his 80 Chassis stat.

Tariq Basara

Finally, we have Tariq Basara. Unlike the other top five Technical Chiefs, Basara is a free agent.

Tariq Basara in F1 Manager 2023
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This makes him cheaper to hire than Technical Chiefs from other teams. This comes at a cost, however, as his overall rating is also lower at 79. However, Basara makes up for this with a 87 Underfloor rating.

Every F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chief

You can find a full list of F1 Manager 2023 Technical Chiefs below with a breakdown of their stats.


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Name Team Chassis Front Wing Rear Wing Sidepods Underfloor Suspension Overall Rating
Pierre WacheRed Bull89969990989294
Enrico CardileFerrari88959891989494
James Allison Mercedes83899385918688
Dan FallowsAston Martin80908882868585
Tariq BasaraFree Agent90727071878479
Simone RestaHaas82838381838082
Yoman ConwayFree Agent62778384836375
David WornerWilliams82768179817679
Simone ConteFree Agent83697565816974
Jody EggintonAlphaTauri80808180807980
Matt HarmanAlpine78798078807879
Mauro FerraraFree Agent75878176796477
Neil HouldeyMcLaren76787876787677
Jan MonchauxAlfa Romeo81767680767978
Bea Ronald CooperFree Agent85755881766473
Lucia Peralta Free Agent80816075746472
Zikomo Onai Free Agent78588178688575
Diana RomanoFree Agent69928083647277
Sergio Farias Free Agent81836764648474

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