F1 Manager 2023 Driver Ratings: Predictions, attributes, updates, & changes

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With a new season on the horizon, what will the driver ratings be for F1 Manager 2023?

Frontier Developments have had a full season under their belts to analyse Formula 1 and get updated driver ratings ahead of this year's game. How will the 2022 season affect the ratings of your favourites, though?


We've got our predictions right here!

F1 Manager 2023 Driver Ratings

F1 Manager has the most in-depth rating system for its drivers on the market. For 2023, this could be further refined to be even more accurate than before.

While we haven't had any official word on F1 Manager 2023 yet, we can have a go at predicting how the 2023 drivers will stack up against each other.

F1 Manager 2022

There are several drivers who have made the step up from the junior categories and other racing series such as Formula E.

Keep in mind though, that the drivers' ratings aren't fixed, they can and will change throughout your save. Having better facilities in your headquarters will improve the rate at which their attributes, and their overall ratings, improve.


The new kids

We'll start with the drivers that weren't on the 2022 grid full-time. Some of these drivers did make appearances in 2022 though, with one in particular making an impact nobody expected.

First up is the driver who was one of the best to sign for your game in 2022, Oscar Piastri. Piastri is making his debut for McLaren this season and we think this will be reflected in his overall rating in F1 Manager 2023.

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With an overall of 75 in 2022, he had a higher rating than some F1 drivers. We're going to say Piastri will have a rating of at least 78 in 2023, maybe even higher if the Aussie starts the season well.

Williams newcomer Logan Sargeant is the first American driver in F1 for almost a decade, but how will he stack up in 2023? Well, with an overall of 70 in 2022, we expect that to rise to around 74 for 2023.

Lastly, Nyck de Vries made an explosive cameo last season in Monza and this will put him in good stead for 2023. We expect the Dutchman to start with an overall of at least 77 in 2023, up 3 on his 2022 rating.


Stars of 2022

When it comes to impressive performances in 2022, we can't start anywhere other than Max Verstappen. Verstappen made it back-to-back championships in 2022 and his record-breaking 15 victories will see him get a ratings bump.

The Flying Dutchman was already the highest-rated driver in 2022, but we think he'll start with at least a 92 overall in 2023.

F1 Manager 2022 Red Bull

George Russell hit the ground running in 2022, getting his first victory for Mercedes in Brazil. Gorgeous George should see an increase in his overall to around 87 for 2023.

Lastly, for our last pick to get an increase, we'll go with Lando Norris. Norris was the only driver from outside the top three teams to get a podium in 2022 and he finished best of the rest overall. We think he'll start 2023 with at least an 87 rating.

Needs Improvement

Not everybody had a good season in 2022 though and there are some drivers we expect to have a downturn in their overalls.


We'll start with a controversial one, Sir Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton had his first winless season in F1 last year and while he's still one of the best drivers on the grid, we think he'll drop just a little down to 88 overall.

Alfa Romeo F1 Manager 2022

Pierre Gasly could get off to a good start at Alpine, but he had a poor 2022. The Gasman should see a little drop to 82 overall from 84 in 2022.

Lastly, Valtteri Bottas' 87 rating was very ambitious, he should fall to 85 for 2023, if not a little lower.

All driver ratings predictions

We can't go in-depth will all the drivers, so the table below shows all 20 drivers at their predicted overall changes from 2022:

Driver 2022 Rating 2023 Prediction Change
Max Verstappen9092+2
Sergio Perez87870
Charles Leclerc88880
Carlos Sainz87870
Lewis Hamlilton9088-2
George Russell8587+2
Esteban Ocon8586+1
Pierre Gasly8482-2
Lando Norris8687+1
Oscar Piastri7578+3
Valtteri Bottas8785-2
Zhou Guanyu7978-1
Fernando Alonso8586+1
Lance Stroll7978-1
Kevin Magnussen80800
Nico Hulkenberg78780
Yuki Tsunoda77770
Nyck de Vries7477+3
Alex Albon80800
Logan Sargeant7074+4

Don't forget as well, drivers from the Formula 2 and Formula 3 grids will also be included in this game. However, the line-ups for these series aren't set yet, so we'll bring you our predictions for these categories another time.