F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 Fixes a Common Crash

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 Patch Notes

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 Patch Notes

Frontier has announced the latest F1 Manager 2023 update. Rolling out on PC, F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 aims to fix the most common crash plaguing players right now, as well as improve stability for the game.

It’s a small update, but an important bug fix, so let’s see what’s changed in F1 Manager 2023.

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 arrives

Update: F1 Manager 2023 update 1.5 is also out now for consoles, Frontier Developments has confirmed.

The most common issue for players was F1 Manager 2023 crashing during race weekends. Update 1.5 thankfully fixes this. As a result, you can now enjoy the game without worrying about losing all your progress from a perfect qualifying session.

Update 1.5 also aims to increase game stability. There is now a DX11 stable fallback option in the event DX12 crashes while the game is running. The issue with patch notes repeatedly popping up when the game launches has also been addressed.

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 patch notes

You can check out the full F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.5 patch notes below:

  • Fixed crash that could occur during racce weekend
  • Added DX11 stable fallback option where DX12 crash is detected
  • Prevented patch notes pop-up persisting after first launch

First post-launch Race Moment: Allez Alpine

This week’s F1 Manager 2023 Race Moment, Allez Alpine, sees players tasked with securing points for Alpine in the Belgian Grand Prix. With the risk of traffic after pit stops, plus a less-than-ideal strategy, this could be a tough one.

This Race Moment begins on lap 25 of the Belgian Grand Prix. With Esteban Ocon needing to pit soon, and Pierre Gasly facing a difficult strategy decision, it’s down to you to secure as many points for the French team.

F1 Manager 2023 Allez Alpine
expand image

Considering how the real Grand Prix fared for strategy and tyre degradation, this is by no means an easy challenge. But with valuable points on the line, only the right calls will be good enough.

Will you be bringing the points back to Enstone, or will it be yet another blip in Alpine’s season?

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