F1 Manager 23 teased for the first time

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While all eyes were on today’s F1 23’s mysterious teaser, Frontier Developments has quietly announced F1 Manager 23, the sequel to F1 Manager 2022, quietly revealing the game logo.

F1 Manager 23’s announcement comes just in time for this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Just like last year, this means F1 fans will have two officially licensed F1 games to enjoy this year.

F1 Manager 2023 announced

In a Tweet posted on the official F1 Manager Twitter page, Frontier Developments shared the F1 Manager 23 game logo. Notably, this is the first time Frontier has confirmed that F1 Manager 23 is in development.

At this stage, no other details were announced, with Frontier promising it will "have more info to share soon."

F1 Manager 23 logo
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One detail the logo does confirm, though, is that this year’s game is called F1 Manager 23, not F1 Manager 2023. Last year's game, on the other hand, was branded as F1 Manager 2022. This is presumably to make the branding between F1 23 and F1 Manager 23 consistent.

Like last year’s game, the teaser image confirms F1 Manager 23 will include drivers from Formula 2 and Formula 3 as well as Formula 1 when scouting for driving talent.

Ferrari in F1 Manager 2022
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Announcing F1 Manager 2023 at the same time as EA’s F1 23 teaser is certainly an unusual move, but we’ll no doubt find out more details soon now that the teaser campaign has begun.

F1 Manager 23 will of course include all the teams, cars, drivers, and tracks from the 2023 F1 season. The Las Vegas and Qatar circuits joined the calendar, so expect these circuits to be brought to life in F1 Manager 23 with stunning detail.

It remains to be seen what new headline features Frontier is planning for F1 Manager 23, but we’re hoping to see sprint races and custom teams added in this year’s F1 management game.

Release date

F1 Manager 23’s release date remains unknown, but we’re expecting it to launch in late August like last year’s game during the summer break. This will give F1 23 room to breathe when it arrives in June or July.

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