Is F1 2021 on Xbox Game Pass?

F1 2021 has been a smash hit since its release.

Codemasters' latest game spent weeks atop the UK gaming charts, and has seen a huge spike in interest thanks to the Netflix series Drive To Survive as well as a wide range of new features and options within the game.

But how can gamers get their hands on it?

Is F1 2021 on Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass, for those that don't know, is a subscription service that Xbox and PC players can sign up to. It has a huge library of games that includes amazing titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Fable series, and even Halo.

Earlier this year a deal was struck for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to include EA Play, opening up access to Battlefield titles, FIFA, and Madden, as well as Star Wars games.

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Of course, EA now owns Codemasters, who make the F1 games.

So is F1 2021 on Xbox Game Pass? Well, no. Not yet anyway.

When will F1 2021 be on Xbox Game Pass

Studios are naturally very protective of their latest and greatest titles. While some games are Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass, like Forza Horizon 5 will be, F1 2021 is definitely not that.

As an EA title, F1 2021 will come to Game Pass via EA Play, and like other major EA titles, it won't be for a while.

Don't expect F1 2021 to arrive on Xbox Game Pass until June 2022 at the latest!

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You can get F1 2021 for cheaper by waiting though. The game will likely be on sale around September and especially around December-January time.

That is a long time to wait, but it won't be as long as waiting for the brand new game to arrive on Xbox Game Pass!

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