New F1 Manager 2023 Race Moment Out Now: Papaya Podium

New F1 Manager 2023 Race Moment: Papaya Podium

New F1 Manager 2023 Race Moment: Papaya Podium

The latest Race Moment for F1 Manager 2023 has just been announced. This Race Moment tasks players with taking an already successful British Grand Prix for McLaren and turning it into a double podium.

The Woking-based team have seen a real resurgence in recent races, starting at the British Grand Prix. So it’s perfect that this race has been chosen for this Race Moment.

Papaya Podium Race Moment

Papaya Podium sees Lando Norris in second, with teammate Oscar Piastri in fifth. Lando needs to pit for new tyres but has missed his opportunity under the safety car. Oscar, meanwhile, is on a set of hard tyres and is vulnerable to cars on faster tyres behind.

F1 Manager 2023 McLaren pitstop
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This perfectly echoes the scenario that befell McLaren at Silverstone. Ultimately, Piastri was somewhat sacrificed to secure the podium for Norris, so this gives players the chance to get Oscar that podium he so badly deserved.

The official description for Papaya Podium is as follows:

“McLaren are flying at Silverstone but an SC threatens their strats! Lando is P2 (but needs to pit), Oscar is P5 on the Hards. With a restart looming and 18 laps to go, strategise your way to a double podium!”

Therefore the task is simple. Successfully pit Lando for new tyres without losing places, then get Oscar to climb back up to a respectable third place. Piastri finished fourth in the real race within a second of Lewis Hamilton, so you only have to go one place better to achieve the objective.

Team switching coming to F1 Manager 2023

Frontier has also announced that Update 1.6 to F1 Manager 2023 will be coming soon. Update 1.6 will finally add one of the most requested features to the game: the ability to switch teams. Originally expected around September, this means team switching could be arriving sooner than anticipated.

F1 Manager 2023 Ferrari
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Now players will be able to build their legacy across multiple teams within the same save. You can now take Williams back to the top, before rejuvenating Haas, or maybe even getting Charles Leclerc his elusive Driver’s Championship.

Update 1.6 also addresses major issues within the game. Board expectations have been lowered for Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, and AlphaTauri, meaning players won’t be sacked quite as easily anymore. There have also been fixes to Automatic Mode in qualifying and the AI not using multiple tyre compounds after a mid-session save.

You can check out the full patch notes for Update 1.6 here.

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