Forza Horizon 5: Festival playlists receive overhaul in new game

The festival playlist has had a big revamp for Forza Horizon 5, marking a big change from the format we are all so familiar with.

Here's how the weekly events will look going forward.

Points mean prizes

Gone is the old system of having to remember what percentage each event is worth. Now every task has a points value assigned to it. A progress bar shows how near you are to the seasonal prizes!

fh5 festival playlist 1
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It'll be easy to see how much more you need to do for each season reward in Forza Horizon 5

As you can see, the bar has been lowered slightly for the seasonal rewards. 26 points out of 64 is roughly 40% of the available points. That will win you the DeLorean in the first season. Looking through the first series, the totals available and the score to earn the reward will vary slightly week to week.

The Forzathon weekly and daily challenges look to be just the same as we're used to. But there have been plenty of other changes!

Online events earn more points

Moving on through the festival playlist, it looks like we'll need to take part in more online events to earn the weekly prizes than before. Horizon Arcade, The Trial, Horizon Open, and the Horizon Tour all feature. Activities in the Eliminator also go towards the weekly score.

fh5 festival playlist 2
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The Trial is locked until you've entered the Hall of Fame

Previously, in Forza Horizon 4, you could reach the 80% target for the top weekly reward by doing all the single-player activities plus the monthly rivals. This follows from the Playground Games goal of making Forza Horizon play more of a social activity.

fh5 festival playlist 3
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The photo challenge and the usual PR stunts return

You might also spot the Treasure Hunt from Fortune Island is now a feature of the main game! We are told to expect the clues will get harder as the game progresses.

New Festival Playlist features

Besides the Treasure Hunt, there are other new features on the playlist. Like in the Lego Speed Champions DLC for Forza Horizon 4, there are collectible challenges. This first one is to smash 100 cacti.

fh5 festival playlist 4
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Demolish a cactus patch for 3 points towards your DeLorean

The Horizon Open challenge above is also interesting. Rather than winning a race, we just need to reach 140mph during a race. This is a new format for weekly challenges in the Forza Horizon series.

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