Forza Horizon 5: How to use Drone Mode, menus, controls, use & more

The latest Horizon Festival has arrived, but to get the most out of the map you will need to get comfortable with Forza Horizon 5 drone mode.

This tool is ideal for exploring and taking in the huge Mexico map, but also for discovering amazing areas and revealing hidden locations.

Here's how to use it!

Forza Horizon 5 drone mode

The Mexico map is 1.5x bigger than the UK map from Forza Horizon 5, but thanks to rocky deserts, dense jungles, and a huge volcano it is also much harder to explore it.

While you can go racing around in your favourite off-road beast or hypercar, it's not the best way of exploring. That is using Drone Mode.

FH5 drone mode use
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HOW DO I GET THAT?!: Drone Mode will help you spot the launch points for those hard-to-reach boards

You can't get a huge aerial view with Drone Mode, but you can zoom around and spot things far easier than you can in your car. Such as XP boards and barn finds.

Barn finds make a noise when you get close, and with Drone Mode you can silently approach, using those audio cues to your advantage. It also lets you discover the route to the seemingly impossible boards that completionists will be begging to smash.

How to use Drone Mode

You can get to Drone Mode in the pause menu. Cycle across to Creative Hub and then in the bottom right corner you can select Drone Mode.

FH5 drone mode menu
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FLY AWAY: You can select Drone Mode here

You can use it to take a look at the scenery, capture unique angles for screenshots, and discover hidden locations all over the map.

Drone Mode controls

There isn't too much to struggle with in Drone Mode as there are only a few controls. Here they are:

Left Stick
Right Stick
Look Around
Hide/Show UI
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