WipEout comes to Forza Horizon 5 in Don Joewon Song's WipEout Horizon event

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if the worlds of Forza Horizon and WipEout collided? Well, wonder no more.

WipEout used to be one of the leading futuristic racing franchises, even appearing in nightclubs in its heyday. Sadly, there hasn’t been a new WipEout game in ten years since the release of WipEout 2048 on the PlayStation Vita.

Thankfully, WipEout’s spirit lives on in indie tribute games like the eye-meltingly fast Redout 2. Now, Forza YouTuber Don Joewon Song is paying homage to the classic futuristic racer in WipEout Horizon, a new custom online event for Forza Horizon 5 created in collaboration with Elgato. It’s a crossover we never knew we wanted.

WipEout Horizon Elgato Championship

WipEout Horizon takes place in the year 2088 with the aim of setting the fastest time on a challenging high-speed circuit with WipEout-style neon visuals, tight turns, massive jumps, and banked corners.

We also have to mention the custom game menus created for the video that perfectly captures WipEout’s distinctive art style by The Designers Republic.

As an added incentive, the player who sets the fastest time will win a prize bundle of Elgato peripherals. These include an Elgato Game Capture HD60 HD60 S+, Stream Deck, Key Light, Wave Microphone pop filter, shock mount, and microphone arm.

You can also win a limited edition Forza Horizon 5 Xbox controller, Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition game, 12-month Game Pass subscription, 50 million credits and 25 super wheel spins for Forza Horizon 5, and an additional £500. The winner takes all – there are no prizes for second or third place. There is also no limit on the number of times you can enter the competition.

WipEout Horizon
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WipEout Horizon is a crossover we never knew we wanted.

To keep things fair, two versions of the WipEout Horizon track are available for different platforms so that every player has the same experience. WipEout Horizon HD maxes out the visuals on PC, while WipEout Horizon Pure tones down the visuals for Xbox One players.

The WipEout Horizon HD track can be accessed using Sharecode 659 346 440. WipEout Horizon Pure can be accessed with Sharecode 462 909 510.

WipEout Horizon
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The player who sets the fastest time will win a bundle of Elgato peripherals.


To enter the competition, Don Joewon Song has set the following rules:

  • Your car must be the BAC Mono with a max PI rating of 944 - anything above 944 pi will not be eligible. The BAC Mono in the event is inspired by the limited-edition BAC Mono R built in real life sporting a WipEout-inspired livery.
  • You have to take a screenshot of your lap time on the end of the race leaderboard.
  • You have to post your screenshots in the Don Joewon Song discord server - screenshots submitted elsewhere will not be eligible.
  • If your time is ranked in the top five overall times you must be able to provide video proof of your entire run. This is to avoid cheating and to make sure the competition is safe and fair for everyone.

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